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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 1 - The Intruder - Part 4

Check out part 5 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Miles: It'll be easy, just meet him at the dock.

Nima: He circled the tree with the winch line... Then, something got interested. Something hungry.

Miles: Ahh! Freaking bugs! What? What's the problem?

Nima: Nothing.

Miles: Did you find it?

Nima: The canister's not here.

Miles: Aw, crap. Aw I am so screwed!

Nima: No, we can't give up. His trail ends back at the car. You must have missed something in there.

Miles: Not a chance! I turned that thing inside-out. I'm going to smell like a dead fat dude for a week!

Nima: Fine, I'll take a look.

Miles: Knock yourself out. ...I could use some fresh air.

Nima: No canister...nothing...You liked your sweets, eh, gordito...You had a canister just about this size, didn't you? You didn't lose it down below. You had it with you...He came back to the car in a rush. He hit his head...and he fell. If he dropped the can...

Miles: Oh baby! I KNEW I'd find you!

Nima: You're pretty excited about a can of soap.

Miles: Yeah, it's a can of soap...just like YOU'RE an exterminator. Ten years of research...MILLIONS's the next wonder of the world. You want to screw InGen? This is it. The crown jewels. They lose control of this, they've got nothing. They're DINOSAUR embryos, honey. Don't tell me you thought we were after shaving cream.

Nima: Dinosaurs? I don't understand.

Miles: You don't need to understand. That'll keep them fresh. What? What's your problem?

Nima: I suggest you like hell.

Miles: Don't be so dramatic. Aw, crap... Ahh! What the fu-! Is it gone?

Nima: It's gone.

Miles: Okay. Yeah! You see that? That's how you do it! YEAH! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET, YOU LITTLE PUNK!

Nima: Let's get out of here!

Miles: Okay. All right. All right you know the plan. My boys are sending a boat. We bring them the canister, we get paid, we go home.

Nima: We cannot WALK to the meeting place. Not with these monstruos around here.

Miles: Right. We'll take the car. Bring down the car! I'll stay here and I'll cover you. Who's afraid now, huh??

Nima: Hey, Chadwick! Move!

Miles: No no, this is the perfect spot! I got the angles covered...field of fire... OOHGOD!!

Nima: Hey...hey! You okay!?

Miles: You idiot! You nearly killed me!

Nima: You should have paid attention.

Miles: The lights are gone. The lights are out! I can't see a freaking thing! We're stuck here, I can't see ANYTHING. I need LIGHT. I can't SEE. What was that? Did you hear that?

Nima: Miles...MILES...SHUT UP!

Miles: What? What?

Nima: Do me a favor, and just keep your mouth shut.

Miles: It doesn't matter if it can't hear us! It can SMELL us!

Nima: I have a plan.

Miles: A plan!? What plan?

Nima: Miles, give me your gun.

Miles: My GUN?! That's, that's funny! Give you my gun!

Nima: All we've got to do is start the car, and drive out of here.

Miles: Start the car!?...Yeah...Okay... I can't - it won't - it won't start! NOW what!?

Nima: Try it again. Maybe it'll start.

Miles: I TRIED it again! It's not going to start!

Nima: You can fix it.

Miles: Me?? I don't know crap about cars! I have a guy do that for me!

Nima: I'll fix it.

Miles: You're going to fix the car IN THE DARK!?

Nima: That's right. That's a loose battery cable.

Miles: What does that mean?

Nima: Where's the battery... That's it! Let me get it tight... There we go. Gracias a Dios. What?

Miles: Oh God!

Nima: Don't waste bullets. There are too many of them.

Miles: What do you suggest?

Nima: We have to draw them away. Distract them.

Miles: Distract them? Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I'm on it. Here you go, guys! It's dinnertime!

Nima: Higo de Perra! Dammit!

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