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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 1 - The Intruder - Part 5

Check out part 6 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Nima: Dammit! I'm going to do this. Clutch.

Gerry: And we are officially late.

Jess: I was ready when you said! I just couldn't find my CD player.

Gerry: It's fine, sweetheart. They won't leave without us.

Jess: Us? You're coming to Dallas?

Gerry: Oh, Just to the mainland. I have to be back after the storm. I'll drive you to the airport!

Jess: Cool.

Gerry: That's weird. The fence lights are out.

Jess: Is that a bad thing?

Gerry: I'm sure it's fine. Somebody just needs to replace them. The DJs aren't so great out here, are they?

Jess: M-hm.

Gerry: Well, I guess I was slightly off about the clear skies tonight.

Jess: They better have barf bags on that boat.

Gerry: So everything okay at home? How's school going?

Jess: I don't know. Boring. I've got a big Spanish test coming up.

Gerry: Can't help you there. But your mom knows a little Spanish. After the park opens, there's going to be a lot more to see. You can come for another visit then.

Jess: Okay. That sounds cool.

Gerry: Look, Jess. I've been working so hard, we just... we haven't had much time to talk.

Jess: Uh oh.

Gerry: Jess, your mom told me about the... the shoplifting.

Jess: I was just fooling around! I didn't take anything good. What did she say?

Gerry: Honey, I know Westlake is boring, but there's plenty going on in Dallas. Why do you have to steal stuff to have fun?

Jess: I know, I know. I'm a screwed.

Gerry: Sweetheart, no, no. It's... it's not that at all. I just... I want you to promise me...

Jess: Dad!

Gerry: Dammit!

Jess: Oh, my God! Is she dead?

Gerry: No, no. She's alive, she's breathing.

Hello. Can you hear me? This is strange. It's like some kind of...

Nima: Ojos!

Gerry: She needs medical attention. We've got to get her to the Visitor's Center.

Jess: Who is she? Do you know her?

Gerry: I don't recognize her, but it doesn't matter. Were you serious when you said you can drive a stick?

Jess: Oh, yeah! I can do it. Mom doesn't know, but...

Gerry: Look, that's all right. Just get yourself up front. Try not scare me.

Jess: Okay.

Gerry: All right. Let's go. Come on, sweetheart, we got to get her out of here.

Jess: We didn't hit her, did we?

Gerry: No, we didn't do this. This is something else. I'm going to check her vitals. Just take it easy and follow the signs, all right?

Jess: Okay. Not problem.

Gerry: She's bradycardic, heart rate's only 33. She's burning up.

Nima: Nunca nos podran sacar de aqui!

Jess: What's wrong with her eyes?

Gerry: I don't... I don't know. It's like a reaction to a parasitic infection to... god, I don't know, maybe... maybe toxoplasmosis? That doesn't explain the other symptoms... What is this?

Jess: What?

Gerry: Looks like she's been bitten.

Jess: Bitten? You mean, like, by a dinosaur?

Gerry: I don't know. The bruising is showing evidence of toxins, but... this isn't a Dilophosaur bite, and none of the other dinosaurs are poisonous.

Jess: I don't think I want to be out here anymore.

Gerry: Yeah. We need to get her to the Visitor's Center. Come on, come on. Stay with me now!

Jessi, I got to clean this wound up.. Just keep driving smoothly.

Jess: Okay.

Gerry: Okay, this might sting a bit.

Nima: No! Alejate de mi!

Gerry: It's okay, it's okay. Settle down. Hey. Listen to me. You need to let me help you.

Nima: Alejate de mi!

Gerry: No no, listen, I'm a doctor. I'm going to make it better.

Nima: Doctor? Medico?

Gerry: Yes! Medico! I'm going to disinfect your wound now, okay? You got to let me help you. Well, that should keep the infection at bay. I don't know what you were doing out there but...

Jess: Dad?

Gerry: It's okay. She's going into shock. But I can handle it. I can stop it.

Jess: Oh my God. This is bad.

Gerry: Jess! Watch the road! Gotcha!

Jess: Wow, that needle's huge.

Gerry: Just keep your eyes on the road. Jess, listen. I got to give her an injection. It's important that I access the vein.

Jess: I don't need details!

Gerry: Just slow down so I don't miss. Well, that should keep her stable. Okay, I'm going to get her bandaged up. You okay to keep driving?

Jess: Yeah. I'm good. Tell mom I'm ready for my learner's permit, okay?

Gerry: I don't think mom needs to know about it.

Jess: How is she doing?

Gerry: Well, she's okay, for now. But this toxic alteration just doesn't make sense.

Jess: Dad...

Gerry: Maybe some of the dinosaurs are eating poisonous plants.

Jess: Dad...

Gerry: Jess? Why are we stopping?

Jess: She's beautiful. "She", right?

Gerry: Right. Well, we're lucky this young one's by herself. Wouldn't want to meet the Alpha out here. Lady Margaret, she's pretty protective. We've discovered that family groups emerge even without the usual genetic relationships. Young Triceratops join the family the moment they...

Jess: Dad, you're ruining it.

Gerry: Right. Sorry. This little one's name is Bakhita. What is she doing way out here?

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