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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 1 - The Intruder - Part 6

Check out part 7 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Harding: I've got to get this critter back in her enclosure. I'll just be a sec, wait here.

Jessi: ..Yeah...Oh, that is so cool...

Harding: Easy, girl...Musa Callimusa, huh? You really love this stuff, don't ya?

Jessi: What's wrong with the gate?

Harding: It's locked in the open position. There should be a manual release in the shed, but...Didn't I say to wait in the car?

Jessi: It's no big deal, see? We're alright, we're fine. Right?

Harding: She's pretty cute, huh?

Jessi: She's warm! I didn't think that she'd be so warm!

Harding: She's okay, she's all right. She's just getting to know you. Right, Bakhita?

Jessi: Okay...

Harding: Look, I need to get this girl out of the way. Now that you've met her up close, would please go back to the car?

Jessi: Are you kidding me?

Harding: New faces make her nervous. She'll be a lot easier to manage if you're in the car.

Jessi: Oh, all right...

Harding: Okay, I need to get you out of the way...and I need to unlock the gate from the maintenance shed...Come on girl, let's go, come on. This is a road, not a restaurant.

Jessi: What's in there?

Harding: Apart from the release lever for the gate, just maintenance stuff. Uh, spools of cable for the fence boots...snow shovels...

Jessi: Snow shovels? What for?

Harding: Well, it's not for shoveling snow!

Jessi: Oh...Eew.

Harding: Should be a manual for this in the car... Jessi, look at the glove box for me. There should be a manual in there with access codes to the shed.

Jessi: Okay, just a sec...

Harding: Find those codes?

Jessi: Is it in this little black book thingie?

Harding: Yeah, look for the access codes for the Triceratops maintenance shed.

Jessi: Ah,

Harding: ...three-three-seven. Okay, thanks sweetheart! That oughtta do it! Now to get Bakhita away from her snack...All right! You got her away from the branch! There you go! Back where you belong. Now I can close that gate. Uh uh! No you don't, get back in there! Jess...

Jessi: I'm on it!

Man: Oh no. The Alpha. JESS! SHUT OFF THE HORN!

Jessi: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Dammit! You okay?...Whoa...DAAD!

Harding: Jess! Get back in the car! Dammit!

Jessi: Dad!

Harding: We'll be safe inside the maintenance shed- but-

Jessi: Okay!

Harding: Wait, Jessi...! Dammit!

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