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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 1 - The Intruder - Part 8

Check out part 9 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Jess: Can't this car go any faster? It's gonna take forever! Oh.

Nima: Que haces aqui? Es peligrosos!

Harding: You've been in an accident. You're safe now. You're going to be fine. We're taking you to...

Nima: Bastardo! Moriras por tus pecados!

Harding: Calm down!

Jess: What's happening!?

Harding: She's delirious... she could be hallucinating...

Nima: Marquita... angelito mio..

Jess: She says I'm... I'm her angel. Hola, como estas?

Nima: No sabes cuanto he esperado...

Harding: Jess, just keep talking to her... tell her she needs to relax, she's got to rest...

Jess: My Spanish isn't that good.

Harding: You can do it honey, just tell her she needs to rest.

Nima: Marquita? Que pasa, mi amor?

Jess: Uh... uh... Usted nececita ...el descanso? "You need rest."

Nima: El descanso? ...Si... Si, estoy cansada.

Harding: I guess Summer School paid off.

Jess: Miss Ortega's never gonna believe this. Dad. Look!

Harding: I think this is our stop.

Recorded voice: This concludes our tour! Don't forget to visit the gift shop on your way home!

Jess: That is messed up.

Harding: Let's go. HELLO? HEY! CAN SOMEBODY HELP US PLEASE?... Hello?

Jess: What happened? Where IS everybody?

Harding: The boat hasn't brought everyone back yet. Rough waters, maybe... Jess, I think you should stay by our patient, I'm gonna look around a little. Okay?

Jess: Okay but... why are you talking like that? Someone's trying to contact us! Right?

Harding: It's coming from the PA system. They must be broadcasting on the emergency channel! Hang on. I'm gonna track this down. Nothing here...

Jess: What happened?

Harding: Hold on...

Jess: Seriously, messed, up.

Harding: There's a radio in there...!

Jess: Can I help? You got it!

Harding: Let's get this channel right... Hello? This is Gerry Harding. I'm the Chief Veterinarian-

Laura: I know who you are. This is Laura Sorkin. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Harding: Dr. Sorkin? You're still on the island?

Laura: We're stuck in the field lab. The road's washed out and our phone lines are down. What's you story?

Harding: We saw a T. rex on the Tour Road. My daughter and I are lucky to be alive. Do you know what's going on?

Laura: Security went down last night. Naturally, the Park's going to hell. Looks like Hammond already evacuated. I don't THINK he meant to leave us behind.

Harding: No, of course not... I'll try to call the mainland from here, they'll send a helicopter. But first, Doctor - I've got a very, very sick woman on my hands. She seems to have been bitten, I - I don't recognize the bite. Whatever it is, it's incredibly toxic, and -

Laura: Toxic? Is it a ragged wound? Heterodont bit pattern? About 20 centimeters across the jaw?

Harding: That sound about right...

Laura: What about her eyes? Discolored sclera? Opsoclonus?

Harding: Yes, exactly, that's exactly what I'm seeing!

Laura: Damnit! You don't have much time. She's going to go into a series of convulsions, and she won't come back. Do you have any carfentanyl?

Harding: No, I don't, but what good would that -

Laura: I don't have time to explain. A quarter mil should do it. Less, if she's small.

Harding: Doctor Sorkin. With all due respect... that dosage would KILL her.

Laura: Doctor Harding... you've got to trust me on this. You need a powerful tranquilizer to counter the toxins. You need it quick, if you want her to live.

Harding: All right, all right, okay. Maybe in the lab... No, no wait, the tranq darts for the rifle! That's an etorphine blend.

Laura: That could work... Get that into her as quick as you can. In the meantime, stay with her. When the shaking starts, you need to hold her steady.

Harding: But - isn't that dangerous? Normally if someone's having a seizure...

Laura: Please just follow my instructions. Her life depends on it. Call me on this channel after you've given her the tranquilizer.

Harding: Will do. I need to move that woman so I can work on her. And I'm gonna need -

Jess: Tranquilizer darts! Yeah, I heard. They're in the car. I'll get 'em.

Harding: ...Okay, but listen to me, if you hear anything, see anything... don't take any risks. You just come straight back here.

Jess: Don't worry, I'm on it. Dad!... Where are you?

Harding: JESS! GET OUT, NOW!

Jess: What?


Jess: I'm okay!

Harding: JUST STAY OUT OF SIGHT! Oh no. She's getting worse. I need those tranq darts!




Harding: You're not gonna last much longer, are ya?

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