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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 1 - The Intruder - Part 9

Beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Jessie: Dad! I got it.

Harding: Give me the dart. Just hold her still. Just a drop.

Cruz: [Foreign dialogue 00:01:30]

Harding: I'll be damned. Through the window. Jess stay down. Jessie! Hold on tight, I'm going to . . . Jessie? I'm right here.

Jessie: I'm stuck.

Harding : Let go honey, it's not that far. I'll catch you.

Jessie: Okay, I can't.

Harding : Don't be scared sweetheart. All right, listen to me honey, I'm going to count to three and you're going to let go. Now, I'm going to be right here, I'm going to catch you okay?

Jessie: Okay.

Harding: Okay, good. One . . .

Jessie: Help Daddy. Help Daddy, help!

Harding: Jess!

Cruz: Hey?

Harding: Come on sweetheart, I got you, let's go. That's it. Where is the signal. Dr. Sorkin?

Sorkin: I'm here, what's happening?

Harding: We need help

Sorkin: Did you find the tranquilizer?

Harding: That is not the problem currently.

Sorkin: Go on.

Harding: I need you to get the tour car moving.

Sorkin: I don't understand.

Harding: Trust me on this one, please. Start the car.

Sorkin: All right, hang on.

Harding: It's gone.

Jessie: Good, dad?

Harding: Yeah, what?

Jessie: I've seen enough dinosaurs.

Harding: In that case, let's go home. Come on, I need to make a phone call.

Cruz: How long has it been?

Jessie: We found you last night. We almost ran into you.
Cruz: [Foreign dialogue 00:05:57].

Jessie: Who is Mariquita?

Cruz: Mariquita, it's nobody, a word.

Jessie: Oh, my Spanish is so lame, I was trying to talk to you in the car and I thought you were going to kill me because my grammar sucks.

Cruz: So what did we talk about?

Harding: Help's on the way. The control room is a mess, but the phones are working and hey, you look a whole lot better.

Cruz: Help is on the way?

Harding: InGen are sending a rescue team, the helicopter will be here soon to take us to the mainland. We'll get you looked at by a people doctor instead of a vet.

Cruz: A rescue team? InGen? My things, I had a pack.

Jessie: Oh, it's right here.

Harding: That bite on your arm, what happened?

Cruz: Something in the jungle.

Harding: Take it slow, start from the beginning.

Cruz: I'm here for pest control. You have a pest problem. You know what, I don't have time for this.

Harding: Whoa, take it easy. Don't push yourself.

Cruz: There won't be any rescue, not for you.

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