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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 2 - The Cavalry - Part 1

Check out part 2 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


D-Caf: Hey, Yoder, looks like the storm really tore this place up!

Billy: It ain't the storm we're here to rescue people from, D-Caf!

D-Caf: Yeah, I heard! So who did get left behind on Dino Island?

Billy: Oscar, you have the list, remind D-Caf what we're doing here. He slept through another briefing.

Oscar: Search and rescue: Biogeneticist. Dr. Laura Sorkin. Genetic Engineer David Banks. Park Veterinarian Gerry Harding and his daughter Jessica Harding. Also an unidentified woman in need of medevac...

D-Caf: Wait, you mention a daughter?

Billy: Yeah, I guess it was feed your daughter to work day or something. Good thing they sent me along to rescue her.

D-Caf: Ha! Giant flesh eatin dinosaurs or Billy Yoder? I'm not sure which sounds safer. Bravo Team, this is Alpha Dog. What's your ETA on the Visitor Center? Over.

Bravo Team: We're here, where are you? This place is a disaster area and there's no sign of the survivors. Over.

D-Caf: We're just finishing our sweep, heading to the LZ now. ETA 10 minutes, out.

Billy: Whoa, whoa D-Caf, not so fast! Ah tell them we'll be there, but not until I get to see some dinosaurs!

D-Caf: Or I can finish our sweep and rendezvous with Bravo Team. You want to see dinosaurs, I'll get you some coloring books.

Oscar: They might be too complicated for Yoder. How about it, Billy? Can you keep in the lines?

D-Caf: Listen, InGen wants us to get in, get the survivors and get out! That's it!

Billy: That's where you're wrong D-Caf. See InGen created these, what do you call them, hyper intelligent dinosaurs. We need to establish contact with the alpha lizard and make sure they understand why we are here, first.

D-Caf: Oh, I get it now. I'm actually here to drop you two cavemen off! Makes perfect sense now!

Billy: Oscar, me smell frightened baby in pilot seat. You eat!

Voice on Radio Transmitter: Alpha! Respond! They took out Bravo team! They're in the bush! Multiple hostiles! I'm falling back to try to...

Oscar: Go! Go! Go! What the hell?

Billy: D-Caf! Keep the engine running. Be ready to get us out of here.

D-Caf: Roger.

Billy: Oscar, it's Garza. But dinosaurs didn't take him down. It looks like he was shot to death. Man, those are some serious tranq darts. That's one big footprint. Looks like the chopper was shot down trying to take off. Damn, Linares. What were you shooting at? Didn't even go for cover.

Oscar: Billy, get up here.

Billy: I don't know what...

Oscar: Shhhhh!

Vargas: Get away from me, dammit! Get away!

Billy: What the hell?

Oscar: Vargas.

Billy: D-Caf, we're going in. Watch your ass out there.

Oscar: Watch your six. Trust no one.

Billy: What the hell happened to you guys?

Vargas: It's not my fault! We couldn't see them. Only their eyes.

Oscar: Come on out now, Vargas.

Billy: What the hell?

Oscar: Yoder, get back! I got this.

Billy: I'll see if there's another way around.

Oscar: Quit screwing around, Vargas.

Vargas: Get out of the light! They'll see you!

Oscar: Stand down, that's an order.

Vargas: We're sitting ducks here on the beach. We've got to find shelter!

Oscar: What do you think you are doing, Vargas!

Billy: I found some security monitors. I can use the security cameras to spot him!

Oscar: Talk to me, Yoder. Where is he?

Billy: I can't see Vargas. See if you can get him to move.

Oscar: I'll get him.

Billy: Okay. Fire!

Oscar: I need your eyes, Yoder.

Billy: I can't see Vargas. It's too dark.

Vargas: Where are you? In the trees? Show yourself.

Oscar: What the hell?! Yoder! I'm blind out here! Check the monitors. Can you see anything?

Billy: Right side. Behind the rock, thing.

Oscar: Yoder, where's Vargas?

Billy: He's hiding. See if you can get him to move.

Oscar: What you're doing... not a good idea.

Vargas: Where... where's my gun? We're under attack. They'll be back! Get away from me, dammit! Rrrrrgh! Who are you? Get away from me!

Billy: Oscar! Stand down! Holy... What the hell happened to him? Hey, hey, Vargas, look at me! What the hell happened to you guys?

Vargas: They're everywhere! Even now, watching us. We got to... we got to...

Billy: Oscar, we got to find out what happened to Vargas. Get him some help.

Oscar: Forget it. He's lost it.

Billy: The Security Office! Maybe there's something on the tapes! Hang in there, Vargas.

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