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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 2 - The Cavalry - Part 2

Check out part 3 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Yoder: Hey, there's another security monitor over there. See if you can find anything on the videotapes.

Oscar: We should go.

Yoder: We can't just leave them like that, man! If we find out what happened, maybe we can help him. Huh, I guess this camera's been down for a while.

All right, Bravo Team couldn't have gotten here more than 30 minutes ago. Let's see what we got. Nothing. Nothing going on here...There, see? What is that?

Oscar: Don't know. Take a look at this.

Yoder: Who the hell is that?

Oscar: I'm guessing those are the Hardings, so that woman just ran off with our paycheck.

We've got to go.

Yoder: D-Caf get that engine started, we're lifting off!

Dr. Harding: Please, listen to me. Whoever you are, you have to take us back to the visitors center. You have no idea what you're getting into out here!

Nima: I know my way! I just need you to keep us safe from these... creatures.

Dr. Harding: Oh really. How am I supposed to do that? Electric fences are down, dinosaurs have free run of the island. None of us are safe here, do you understand that?

Yoder: This is InGen Rescue Team Alpha trying to reach Doctor Gerry Harding. Obviously the visitors center was compromised. If you're still out there we're trying to...

Jess: Dad, if there's a rescue team coming, maybe we should try to leave a trail for them or something?

Dr. Harding: Jess that's enough. If we are going to keep out of the way of dangerous predators, I'm going to need to know where we are headed.

Nima: Norte

Dr. Harding: North? To the coast? What for?

Nima: Don't worry about it.

Dr. Harding: You're hurt. Let me help you.

Nima: Argate! We're going to rest here for a minute.

Dr. Harding: If we're stopping, I'll need to make a fire. It'll keep the dinosaurs away.

Nima: Fine. Stay where I can see you. Sientete

Jess: Is there anything I can do?

Nima: Stay close.

Jess: Hey, Dad! There are some eggs over here. Any chance they could be dino eggs?

Dr. Harding: Eggs? No, remember, all the dinosaurs on the island are female. Still, just leave them alone. We have enough problems without any angry mama bird or lizard to deal with.

Jess: That's a weird looking plant.

Nima: Hey, don't wander off!

Jess: Hey Dad, are these berries edible?

Dr. Harding: Probably not. It's best to steer clear of anything we find out here.

Jess: Dad, there are some fresh dino tracks here. They're small like a chicken's.

Dr. Harding: Uh, It's likely compsognathus. I saw lots of them while we were walking. It's relatively harmless, nothing to worry about.

Jess: Are these berries edible? I'm hungry.

Nima: That plant is poisonous. A handful of those berries is enough to kill a grown man.

Jess: But they look delicious. Maybe just a couple wouldn't hurt me...

Dr. Harding: Jess!

Nima: Back off some, okay? Don't be stupid.

Dr. Harding: Normally I work with animals, but I am very well trained in first aid. I'd like to go ahead and take a look at your wound again, if you'll let me.

Nima: I'm fine.

Dr. Harding: Look, you're going to need it cleaned and dressed again to avoid infection. If you bring us back to the Visitor's Center I can get a hold of some antibiotics for you.

Nima: You! Girl!

Jess: Yeah?

Nima: Some of these trees have fruit that look like tiny blueberries. Bring some to me.

Jess: Uh, okay. It's Jess, by the way.

Nima: What?

Jess: Uh, Jess. My name's Jess.

Nima: Okay, Jess. Bring me the berries, they're good medicine.

Jess: Are these the berries you need?

Nima: Si. Bring them here. We're losing daylight Come on girl! I need those berries!

Jess: Here. Uh?

Nima: Nima. Gracias.

Jess: Umm, de nada.

Nima: She's a good kid.

Dr. Harding: I know

Jess: Hmm..... So, what did you do with the radio?

Nima: Why, thinking of making a call?

Jess: Uh, no. I was just wondering.

Nima: Well quit wondering I've got it right here.

Jess: So, why is it you don't want to go with the rescue team? Are you like one of those radical environmentalists or something? Does InGen have like, a file on you?

Nima: They don't bother keeping files on people like me.

Jess: You're kind of quiet, Dad.

Dr. Harding: Look, before we go any further, I want to know why you're here and what you plan to do with us.

Nima: You'll be okay if you do what I tell you.

Dr. Harding: Do you have any family?

Nima: None of your business.

Dr. Harding: I just thought that if you could understand-

Nima: You love your daughter, don't you?

Dr. Harding: Uh, yes. Of course.

Nima: You'd do anything to make sure she grows up safe.

Dr. Harding: Yeah, I would.

Nima: Good. Then I know you'll do exactly as I say. And as long as you do that, I won't shoot her.

Dr. Harding: I can tell by the way you talk to Jess... you, you have a daughter, don't you?

Nima: Stop talking!

Dr. Harding: Think of her and you'll understand what I'm-

Nima: I said shut up!

Dr. Harding: I'm sorry, I'm sorry I-

Nima: You know NOTHING about me! We are not simpatico, comprende? You say another word and I will shoot you and leave you for the scavengers!

Dr. Harding: Please, just calm down. I didn't mean anything by it.

Nima: Just shut up.

Dr. Harding: Okay! Okay, woah, I won- I promise. Don't hurt us, just don't hurt us. Okay, okay I'm sorry. I won't mention it again. Please.

Jess: Hey..uhm? I drank like four diet sodas earlier and I really have to pee like, super bad.

Nima: Go. Hurry!

Jess: Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Yoder: Please identify yourself, over.

Jess: Hey! Hi! Uhm, this is Jessica Harding. Me and my dad were supposed to have been rescued, but there's a woman, with a gun, I think she's taking us up north-

Yoder: Okay, can you describe you location? Any buildings? Roads? Landmarks?

Jess: Uh, landmarks? Uhh, no not really. Just regular jungle crap. Like, trees and dirt and stuff. Everything looks the same out here! Oh but, my dad built a fire, you might be able to see the smoke, if-

Nima: You! What do you think you're doing?

Jess: Uhm, I'm just calling my boyfirend.

Nima: Estupido

Dr. Harding: Please! This is my fault!

Nima: I don't want to kill you, but I will do it in a heartbeat if I have to, comprende? What I have to lose is too important! Let's go we're getting out of here!

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