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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 2 - The Cavalry - Part 3

Check out part 4 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Girl Over Radio: Oh! But my dad built a fire. You might be able to see the smoke if

Yoder: Hello? Hello?

D-Caf: What happened? Was that them? Was that the Hardings?

Yoder: Yeah, it was the girl. It didn't sound good down there. The girl said they were headed North, let's head that way and see what we can find!

D-Caf: I don't know Yoder, maybe that girl was in shock, you know? I read a study once...

Yoder: D-Caf, do me a favor and stop talking! Just head north!

D-Caf: Hang on to your butts! This is it!

Yoder: See anything, Oscar?

Oscar: Looks familiar.

Yoder: How is that, exactly?

Oscar: Before your time. No sign of them there. That girl say anything to you about a cliff?

Yoder: No...but she did say they were going north...they could have been heading for the coast.

Oscar: We've got smoke.

Yoder: Smoke? Think they're trying to signal us?

Oscar: I thought we were dealing with a hostage situation...

Yoder: What was that?

D-Caf: Birds, headed this way!

Yoder: Toward the chopper? Why the hell would they do that?

D-Caf: Hang on!

Oscar: D-Caf!

Yoder: Oh I don't believe this!

Oscar: Get him out of here!

Yoder: Hold on! I need to engage the autopilot before we loose too much altitude! Finally! Sorry buddy, I'm gonna have to take over for a while! Phew. Oscar, D-Caf's out. Oscar!

Oscar: Humph...pilots. Can you land this eggbeater?

D-Caf: Uhhh...

Yoder: Hey landing pads are for amateurs. Okay come on, girl! with me... That'll do it for our flight, we know you have a great many choices when flying through dinosaur-infested airspace, and we thank you for choosing Yoder Airways.

D-Caf: Where are we?

Oscar: Out the ground.

D-Caf: Oh, man...InGen's going to be pissed when they get the bill for this.

Yoder: Then they should have got pterodactyl insurance.

Oscar: Pteranodon Insurance.

Yoder: Huh?

Oscar: Can you fix it?

D-Caf: Uh...yeah...give me about a month!

Oscar: You've got an hour.

Yoder: There's duct tape in the survival kit.

Oscar: These jungles seem different...

Yoder: Different from what? All jungles kind of look the same to me. Hey you remember the-Hey, hold on. I thought I heard something.

Oscar: Could be our survivors...

Yoder: Maybe, but we're still pretty far away from where you spotted the fire. And whatever it was, it's gone now. Let's move out!

Oscar: I smell smoke.

Yoder: Check it out...They're close, come on!

Oscar: Hold may not be safe.

Yoder: I know. That's what I have this for! Oscar, definitely signs of camp. The subjects were here. Just need to pick up their trail. I got some blood here! This just keeps getting better. No broken leaves, stems...If they came this way, they didn't leave a trace. We got some fresh tracks here, Oscar. I'm guessing Dinos. Oh boy, I'll bet that's not going to go over well with mom.

Oscar: You okay?

Yoder: Oscar! Thank God! I thought I was a goner.

Oscar: I told you to be careful.

Yoder: What the hell is that thing anyway?

Oscar: Whatever it is, I'm going to kill it.

Yoder: Woah, woah, calm down, big guy! It's over! It's over. Let it go. Look at it! You won! It's not going to hurt anyone now. Hey, thanks...anyway, I looked everywhere, couldn't find any sign of a trail.

Voice Over Speaker in Distance: Welcome to the Bone Shaker!

Oscar: That way.

Gerry Harding: You realize we're headed straight towards a cliff, don't you? There's no way down from here. We're going to have to find another way around...which will take us, I don't know, at least half a day!

Nima Cruz: There's an old goat path that will take us down. What the...

Jessica Harding: Oh wow! How come you didn't tell me about any rides like this, dad?

Gerry: Well, none of the rides are ready for the public. I didn't want to get your hopes up.

Nima: That path was ancient. Carved into the stone. It survived storms, earthquakes...

Gerry: Look, it''s too late to go around and it's too dangerous to go back the way we came. Just use the radio. Contact the rescue the team. It is our best chance of survival.

Nima: Down there. We can ride this...contraption to get us down to that exit.

Jessica: We're going to ride it?

Nima: That lever-It looks like it would set the tracks to stop at that exit.

Gerry: Yes, but that's the emergency lever...Besides, It's obviously not ready for people to use.

Nima: Well it looks like the only way. You find us a safe way down, or I'll throw you down.

Gerry: If I can get the power on, I might be able to set the ride to maintenance mode from up here.

Nima: What's "maintenance mode"?

Gerry: It'll switch the tracks, same as the emergency lever. Basically, it lets the employees use the tracks for work and repairs instead of for fun.

Jessica: But, I don't see any cars on the main track dad.

Nima: Get the power on.

Jessica: We're still going?

Gerry: Yeah. It's getting dark...we cannot go back the way we came, and it sounds like the dinosaurs are getting ready to hunt.

Jessica: Are they...hunting us?

Gerry: Well they're still a good ways off, but...we shouldn't stick around here for long. Listen, if we're going to make it to the coast, we are going to have to work together to make it there alive, understood?

Nima: You, come with me. We're going to get some cars on the track. There. Stand by the lever. You're going to help me get the cars on the track.

Jessica: Hey dad...What are these cars for? They don't have any seats.

Gerry: My guess is those are utility carts. We've got to get them off the track and load in some cars we can actually sit in.

Nima: That's how they pick cars...Move the scaffolding!

Jessica: How am I supposed to do that? It's, like, way too heavy!

Gerry: Hey, looks like the crane is functional.

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