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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 2 - The Cavalry - Part 4

Check out part 5 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Harding: Hey, looks like the crane is functional

Nima: Good! Now do something useful with it!

Jess: Hey, what about this, can you use it for anything?

Nima: Attach it to the scaffolding, we can use the crane to lift it off the tracks.

Harding: Stand back, Jess!

Jess: So why does this carousel have power when the rest of the ride doesn't?

Harding: The storm or something really scrambled the power systems yesterday. Some cut out, some are still online...I-

Nima: Aha! It works!

Jess: Okay, that's pretty cool actually

Harding: Okay, these are the main controls for the roller coaster. I should be able to set it to maintenance mode from here. Hmm...what are we missing, here? get the ride started we need three cars on the loading track in the right order.

Nima: You stay there...your daughter and I will get the cars back on the rails.

Jess: There's no open slot to move the car into. I think that's right!

Nima: Hey! The cars are all on the loading track. Now it's up to you! What's that?

Harding: I don't know...predators...they're still too far away for me to tell which ones, thank goodness.

Jess: Not a T-Rex though, right?

Harding: Definitely not a T-Rex. I guess nothing's going to happen til we get the power on, huh? Judging by the layout of this place, I'd say the power station must be over in that area.

Nima: Stay there. You go.

Jess:, like, what am I looking for?

Harding: Power station. Look for doors.

Jess: Dad! I found doors! Is this the power thingie?

Harding: That looks like it. Open them up and throw the main switch.

Jess: The doors are locked!

Harding: Well, I don't have a key.

Jess: That's cool, I'll just bust the windows. This should get me into those doors. Awesome! Okay, I can reach inside but what am I looking for?

Harding: Jess, there are two large switches inside, but you probably won't be able to reach them like that. Jess, be careful. What are you doing with that hook?

Jess: I've got a plan! You're going to love this. Okay, Dad. Your turn.

Harding: Everyone get back!

Jess: Awesome! Okay, that's one.

Loudspeaker: Welcome to "The Boneshaker!"

Nima: Looks like we have power.

Jess: Woah, cool!

Nima: Okay, come on back.

Jess: What are you going to do if the rescue team shows up?

Nima: What?

Jess: I mean...they probably heard that noise.

Nima: Let's not worry about the rescue team right now.

Harding: Well that ought to do it, The ride should stop and let us out at the maintenance exit, instead of doing the normal loop.

Jess: Woah!

Harding: Well, that's it. Since the ride is in maintenance mode, it should be safe. It won't go very fast.

Nima: Come on, the sooner we get to the coast, the sooner this will all be over.

Harding: Hang on, this is going to be a short trip.

Jess: Can't this thing go any faster? Um, Dad?

Nima: Ay dios mio! What are those things?!

Harding: We need to switch the track!

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