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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 2 - The Cavalry - Part 6

Check out part 7 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Girl 1: I'm surprised you can see at all with your head stuck up your-...

Oscar: That's enough!

Billy Yoder: Ohhhh, boy!

Girl 1: What are ya gonna do, kill me? You did that to me once already!

Oscar: You're crazy!

Jess: I'm thinking of getting a butterfly tattoo on my ankle.

Girl 1: I'm going to carve the names of the people you've killed into those skulls of yours!

Oscar: Try it...

Girl 1: Then we'll see how proud you are of them...

Dr. Harding: Hey! Listen! There are still more people who need our help. Whatever your issues are, you can work them out when we get to the mainland. And no, you cannot get a tattoo!

Dr. Sorkin: Dr. Harding...Oh thank goodness you're safe. After we lost contact, I was worried something had happened to you.

Dr. Harding: We have had quite a day, Dr. Sorkin.

Dr. Sorkin: I'll bet! Systems are down all over the damn park, dinosaurs are running free! Bring the kids, fun for all! Hey, don't worry kid. We're fairly geographically cut off from the rest of the island out here. Nothing but herbivores are these parts. What's going on here?

Dr. Harding: There were some... complications.

Dr. Sorkin: Who are you?

Billy Yoder: Just your friendly neighborhood rescue team! At your service, Ma'am! I'm Billy Yoder and this-

Dr. Sorkin: Look, let's just get this out of the way. I'm not going anywhere. This part of the island is pretty remote and is a long way from the predators. I'm perfectly safe and I don't need saving.

Billy Yoder: That's not a good idea Ma'am.

Dr. Sorkin: BUT, since you're here, what you CAN do is start loading the stacks of bureaucratic InGen paperwork that's taking up valuable space. They were supposed to have sent for that stuff months ago!

Oscar: Listen lady, we don't have time for this! You either get in the helicopter peacefully, or I will personally knock you out, put you in cuffs and throw you in!

Dr. Sorkin: You lay one hand on me and I will have you so ass deep in litigation that you'll be reading legal text for a decade!

Billy Yoder: Ah, yeah, yeah. Ya know what... If it'll help us get off this island faster, we'll move your boxes. Where are they?

Dr. Sorkin: Over there, at the loading dock.

Billy Yoder: You heard the lady!

Jess: Hey, can I help?

Billy Yoder: Sorry hun. This ain't a job for little girls. Look how skinny you are, anyhow. Don't you drink milk?

Jess: Oh I thought you guys were a "rescue team", but I guess you're just here for manual labor.

Billy Yoder: Hey, hey, hey. We're highly trained soldiers-for-hire, here. We're loading this stuff up as a courtesy.

Jess: Do they teach you to lift with your legs in mercenary school? Or do you bring a dolly with you on rescue missions?

Billy Yoder: Oh, you're a smart-ass kid, aren't ya?

Jess: I also like football and hate shopping, but I still can't find a boyfriend.

Billy Yoder: Ha ha ha ha. Are you serious?

Oscar: What? I'm taking a break...

Billy Yoder: Good idea. Don't want you to strain yourself.

Oscar: So what's the deal, why didn't you tell Dr. Sorkin why it's so important to get off this island?

Billy Yoder: Trust me. If we bully that one, she's gonna cause problems.

Oscar: So what'll we do?

Billy Yoder: Simple. Charm her. Look. All I need to do is get some information on this woman...dig into her past...find out what makes her tick. I'm sure if I say enough of the right things, she'll practically think gettin' off the island was her idea in the first place!

Jess: Hey, can I bum one of those? Okay.

Billy Yoder: I'm not moving these things, they look like they weigh a ton!

Jess: I think Dr. Sorkin said we're only supposed to move file boxes.

Billy Yoder: Oh yeah, well... good. So, who feels like carrying these boxes back to the helicopter? Me neither. Ugh... smells like a barrel of wet dog hair.

Jess: I know, right? I don't get why the dinosaurs eat that stuff.

Billy Yoder: Wait here. I'm gonna go talk to Sorkin.

Jess: Uhh... what should I do?

Billy Yoder: You wanna help? See if you can dig up anything interesting on our friend Dr. Sorkin in those file boxes.

Jess: Cool.

Dr. Sorkin: I mean, I knew Hammond was no REAL scientist, but SOMEONE should have seen this coming! I know that you are angry and scared, and you gotta be exhausted, but what's so important to you to go through all of this?

Billy Yoder: So, what'd you find out?

Jess: Looks like Dr. Sorkin wanted to turn this place into a dinosaur preserve instead of an amusement park...

Billy Yoder: And InGen didn't go for it, huh?

Oscar: Why would they? There's no money in that.

Billy Yoder: So, Dr. Sorkin has a weakness for preserving wildlife. Good to know. That's a lot of rejected Dino Preserve proposals.

Jess: Yep.

Billy Yoder: Got to hand it to the lady, she don't give up easy.

Dr. Sorkin: I mean what was Hammond THINKING? The man continually ignored the warnings of his own scientists over marketing people, shareholders, everyone! A disaster like this was inevitable. Would you mind if I took a look at your wound?

Girl 1: Yeah, why not?

Billy Yoder: I hate to interrupt, Ma'am, but I really think we need to be going.

Dr. Sorkin: I'm afraid I can't, Mister Yoder. Someone needs to tend to the dinosaurs during this disaster.

Billy Yoder: I'm sorry Dr. Sorkin, but InGen wants all survivors back on the mainland as soon as possible. No exceptions.

Dr. Sorkin: Why can't it wait?

Billy Yoder: Wouldn't this place be better off as some kind of dinosaur preserve? I mean, it's kinda stupid to treat those creatures like they are in some kinda circus, right?

Dr. Sorkin: have a point...But as long as John Hammond is in charge, the animals are going to need me here to ensure that they are treated with respect.

Billy Yoder: Listen, Hammond really made a mess of this place, you have no idea. There's no hiding his incompetence after this disaster!

Dr. Sorkin: Well, obviously that's true... If you knew how I spent my youth, you'd be surprised to find me working in a place like this.

Billy Yoder: Is there anything I can say to convince you to come with us?

Dr. Sorkin: If there is, you haven't said it yet.

Billy Yoder: Right...

Dr. Harding: Hammond aside, what about our patient?

Girl 1: I'm fine.

Dr. Harding: I tried.

Billy Yoder: How's your smoke? Hey, Oscar. Was there any dirt on Dr. Sorkin in the mission briefing? If I'm gonna have to use the Ol' Yoder charm, I'll need some intel.

Oscar: Big time protester in the 70's, lots of animal rights crap. Handful of arrests for it. All of her InGen related history is classified. Said to expect her to be a pain in the ass.

Jess: It said that?

Oscar: Between the lines.

Billy Yoder: How the hell does Dr. Sorkin think we're gonna load all this crap into the chopper?

Oscar: Dunno. But you better do it if you wanna get on her good side.

Billy Yoder: Ah. Okay...well, thanks. You've been a great help.

Dr. Sorkin: What's the point of rebuilding? Hammond will kowtow to the major shareholders and cut every corner to recoup their investment as fast as possible with no regard to the animal's welfare. I'm interested in hearing more about her symptoms...

Billy Yoder: Dr. Sorkin-

Dr. Sorkin: As I told you, I'm staying behind to watch after the animals.

Billy Yoder: I'm sorry, but we really need to get you out of here.

Dr. Sorkin: Why?

Billy Yoder: Someone needs to speak to the board about protecting these dinosaurs. You believe in animal rights, don't you? Wouldn't you put neck on the line for them?

Dr. Sorkin: You're absolutely right, Mister Yoder, but none of this matters if the Board of Directors-

Billy Yoder: Okay, look. I'm not supposed to say this, but...I heard the board is gonna hold an emergency meeting, about, y'know, new leadership. If you were there, you could act as a witness to the events that took place here. They'd have to listen to you.

Dr. Sorkin: That's true...I hate to admit it, Mister Yoder, but perhaps you're right.

Billy Yoder: And our orders also mention an assistant?

Dr. Sorkin: David...yes. I'm afraid David won't be coming back with us...He...I told him to stay away from the quarantine pens!

Dr. Harding: Oh Dr. Sorkin, I'm... I'm so sorry.

Dr. Sorkin: Thank you. Now, before we go, I have some work in the lab that MUST be completed first. Dr. Harding, perhaps you and your daughter would like to assist me. I've been working on a cure for one of our dinosaur's nastier genetic disorders.

Dr. Harding: Oh, which one?

Dr. Sorkin: It's dietary. Right up your alley!

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