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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 2 - The Cavalry - Part 7

Check out part 8 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Dr. Sorkin: I've been working on a cure for one of our dinosaur's nastier genetic disorders.

Dr. Harding: Oh, which one?

Dr. Sorkin: It's dietary. Right up your alley!

Dr. Sorkin: Dr. Harding, we've done it!

Dr. Harding: And what exactly have we done?

Dr. Sorkin: Reversed the Lysine Contingency, of course!

Dr. Harding: Wait... what?

Jess: What's that?

Dr. Sorkin: InGen - Henry Wu - added a gene to the dinosaurs that makes them dependent on supplements of an amino acid called 'lysine.' Without their weekly doses, they'll die off.

Dr. Harding: You cannot give that to the dinosaurs. They need to be contained! If any of them get off the island...

Dr. Sorkin: Okay, listen. I've been working with the Parasaur's behavioral program for months now. If I go back to the mainland to fight for this place, they'll all be dead before I can get back. Along with all of my research

Jess: Parasaurs?

Dr. Harding: Parasaurolophus. They're herbivores, generally safe.

Dr. Sorkin: Let me give the solution to them... to see if it even works.

Dr. Harding: How many are we talking about?

Dr. Sorkin: Why don't you come out with me? See how much progress we've made with them...

Jess: Can we, dad?

Dr. Harding: Fine. We'll go.

Jess: Cool.

Dr. Sorkin: I'm glad to finally have you out here, Dr. Harding, despite the circumstances. We've been doing some very interesting work with our Parasaurs... behavioral communication experiments.

Dr. Harding: You've interpreted their calls?

Dr. Sorkin: Some of them. And I plan to use that to get them out of the pen.

Dr. Harding: Out?

Dr. Sorkin: Well, I'm not going to treat their water with them still in there.

Jess: How do we know there aren't any bad dinosaurs around?

Dr. Sorkin: Trust me, sweetie... if there were any predators, we'd know. See that one? She's the "look out." She'll stand guard while the others graze. If there were any predators in the vicinity, she'd be nervous and emitting a danger call, but she's not... she's calm. Gerry, you can activate the speakers from there. Jess and I will set the various Parasaur sounds that play through them.

Jess: Dad... it's okay. I mean, it's safe, right?

Dr. Sorkin: The Parasaurs will warn us of trouble before it gets close.

Dr. Harding: Stay with Dr. Sorkin.

Jess: So you can really speak dinosaur?

Dr. Sorkin: We've been doing behavioral tests using various Parasaur calls, playing them through the speakers around the pen. We can't just shoo the animals out, but we should be able to manipulate them into moving using their own sounds.

Jess: Cool.

Dr. Sorkin: These speakers on the West side of the pen can be set to play a Parasaur food call that will attract the hungry dinos. The speakers on the East control the mating sounds that will attract the more... ahem... amorous dinosaur.

Jess: What about the big set of speakers in the middle of the pen?

Dr. Sorkin: Ah, those emit the danger call. The Parasaurs will instinctively move away from it!

Jess: So, basically we can herd the dinosaurs out of this pen using the speakers and their sounds! How do I turn on the speakers?

Dr. Sorkin: I'll have to tell your dad to do it when we're ready. Dr. Harding...

Dr. Harding: Yeah?

Dr. Sorkin: I need you to activate the East Side speakers, please.

Dr. Harding: East Side... okay!

Jess: So... what happened to your assistant?

Dr. Sorkin: Let's not talk about that right now.

Jess: Well, did you work with him long?

Dr. Sorkin: It doesn't matter...

Jess: Oh.

Dr. Sorkin: Listen, he was a wonderful young man... and I am sad, I really am. But if I let that stop my work, then all these animals will die too... trapped behind the walls that we built. You understand?

If we want to move the dinosaurs forward, we might need to give them a good scare from behind.

Jess: Oooh! We can use the danger call!

Dr. Sorkin: Good thinkin'! Dr. Harding...

Dr. Harding: Yeah?

Dr. Sorkin: West Side speakers, please!

Jess: So I heard you were, like, a hippie protester or something in the '70s.

Dr. Sorkin: Where did you hear that?

Jess: From Yoder.

Dr. Sorkin: The '70s were a tumultuous time... I fought for what I believed in. And sometimes it gets ya arrested.

Jess: You were arrested? And you still got a job as a, you know, scientist?

Dr. Sorkin: Paleogeneticist. And yes. Youth is the time to be reckless and test your boundaries. It's how you learn what's important to you. Dr. Harding...

Dr. Harding: Yeah?

Dr. Sorkin: Activate the "Danger" speakers!

Jess: That's it! They're out!

Dr. Sorkin: Good job, Jess!

Jess: Finally! Go forth and multiply!

Dr. Sorkin: You're pretty good at this! Maybe you'll be a behavioral scientist someday!

Jess: Maybe I will!

Dr. Harding: Ah, this is why she was elected to be the lookout. What's wrong with her foot?

Dr. Sorkin: It's a broken toe. Feel free to have a look. I just have to do one more thing and then we can leave.

Dr. Harding: The Lysine...

Dr. Sorkin: If the dinosaurs are to have a fighting chance, they'll need this solution to survive.

Dr. Harding: I'm still not sure...

Dr. Sorkin: Gerry, this is my life's work. These are basically my children. I'm not going to let these creatures die because some bureaucrat can't stand losing control. They deserve their own lives.

Dr. Harding: Jess...

Jess: Dr. Sorkin?

Dr. Sorkin: Laura.

Jess: Umm... Laura, what's "Lysine"?

Dr. Sorkin: InGen - Henry Wu - added a gene to the dinosaurs that makes them dependent on supplements of an amino acid called "lysine." Without their weekly doses, they'll all die off.

Jess: Don't tell my dad, but I got a 'D' in chemistry.

Dr. Sorkin: Then today should be very educational. The solution we were creating at the lab will reverse this scenario, allowing the animals to live out their natural lifespan. We just need to get it into the main water supply.

Jess: Okay, that should be easy, right?

Dr. Sorkin: This is a big responsibility, Jess.

Jess: I can handle it, Dr. Sorkin. I mean, Laura.

Dr. Sorkin: Okay, Jess. Let's get started.

Billy: I'm telling you, man, almost made me swear off Chinese food forever!

Oscar: Yeah, right. I've never seen you refuse an egg roll. Ever.

Billy: I said almost. Besides, my date was hot! You remember, the girl with the blond hair... uh red scarf... uh, wha, what was her name?

Oscar: I don't keep track.

Billy: Oh, you remember her, she was the one that was wearing the-- Hold on... You hear that? Go! Go! Go! Oscar! Okay, okay! You win! Set the chopper down!

Chopper pilot: No.

Billy: You're putting Oscar's life in danger! He doesn't really like that!

Oscar: Billy!

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