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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 2 - The Cavalry - Part 8

Beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Billy: Okay, okay. You win. Set the chopper down

Nima: No!

Billy: You're putting Oscar's life in danger. He doesn't really like that.

Oscar: Billy.

Billy: Oscar, get over here. I'll pull you in. Come on, man. That's it. Come on, one more.

Oscar: Billy! Tell that woman she's dead when I get in there.

Billy: Come on, Oscar. Put those giant friggin' arms to work! Get in here. You know, you're one stubborn son of a- Hey! What the hell?

Oscar: No problem. You got this.

Nima: Land this thing, now

Oscar: Not gonna happen. We good?

Billy: No, not so good

Laura: Is the water ready

Jess: Yup! Lysine is now officially a part of this nutritionally balanced dino breakfast

Laura: Excellent. Now I just need to get this water into the main supply and we'll be done. That's it, Jess we did it. Jess come up here! I want you to see this. This is how nature intended animals to exist

Jess: Wow, with all the running away I've been doing, I haven't had time to really appreciate them

Gerry: Whoa, girl! take it easy

Jess: What's wrong with that one?

Laura: Oh no. Raptors.

Jess: Dad!

Laura: Gerry, run. Gerry!

Jess: Look out!

Laura: Behind you

Jess: Dad, Run! Come on, dad! Daddy!

Laura: Hurry, Gerry!

Jess: Go left!

Laura: Hurry!

Jess: Oh my god! Dad, that was awesome! How'd you do that!

Gerry: Guess the old man still has a few good moves, oh?

Laura: You are lucky to be alive, Gerry. I've never seen anyone outrun a velociraptor before.

Gerry: Where did they come from! What are they doing out here?

Laura: Must've escaped from the quarantine pens somehow

Gerry: Raptors are highly intelligent. They'll find a way up here if we give them enough time.

Jess: Yes! It's Yoder!

Gerry: Here we're down here!

Laura: Hey, down here!

Gerry It's not stopping!

Jess: Dad

Gerry: Everyone hold on!

Jess: No!

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