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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 1

Check out part 2 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Dr. Harding: Here! We're down here!

Dr. Sorkin: Hey! Down here!

Dr. Harding: It's not stopping!

Jess: Dad!

Dr. Harding: Everyone hold on!

Dr. Sorkin: No!

Dr. Harding: It's okay. I think we're okay...

Dr. Sorkin: Oh, my God! Those poor people!

Dr. Harding: We have to get down from here, and away from these raptors! Now!

Dr. Sorkin: I know. The important thing is to remain calm. We have time to figure this out.

Jess: Dad! The raptors! Look!

Dr. Harding: My God! They're trying to bring the tower down!

Dr. Sorkin: It'll hold. It's got to.

Dr. Harding: Yeah, well, I don't want to take any chances. We need to get off the tower before the raptors bring it down!

Dr. Sorkin: The emergency ladder's right there! The way the tower is tilting, it will put us down outside the paddock.

Dr. Harding: That's a start, but the fence isn't much of an obstacle for the raptors. Where do we go once we're out?

Dr. Sorkin: I think we can make it to the utility tunnels, right over there. We can lock the raptors out if we can beat them inside.

Dr. Harding: I hope you're right. Let's get that ladder lowered. That should free it up. It won't budge.

Dr. Sorkin: It's brand new, so it might still be a little stiff. Maybe if you put more weight on it?

Dr. Harding: What, you mean stand on it?

Dr. Sorkin: Yes, ride it down.

Dr. Harding: Okay, but we should probably be ready to move as soon as it comes down, so we can stick together. Sweetheart, listen. I want you to be ready to climb down the ladder as soon as it's extended.

Jess: Okay, Dad.

Dr. Harding: Dr. Sorkin.

Dr. Sorkin: I'll be right down.

Dr. Harding: It's really stuck! Oh, no, I see the problem. The whole ladder is just slightly bent. It can't slide freely, but we might be able to force it.

Dr. Sorkin: Must have been the crash.

Dr. Harding: Looks that way. I think we're going to need a crowbar or something to get it open.

Dr. Sorkin: Oh, well then we're going to have to get creative, because there are no tools up here.

Dr. Harding: This antenna could be just the thing we need to pry the ladder open, but if I try to grab it now, I could get electrocuted. Dr. Sorkin, that antenna is the only thing up here I've seen that we can use to pry the ladder open. Is there any way to turn the power to those lights off, so I can grab it?

Dr. Sorkin: Not from up here. The aircraft alert beacons aren't ever supposed to be disabled. The best I can do is make them flash on and off.

Dr. Harding: How?

Dr. Sorkin: I can switch them from nighttime to daytime operation. They shine continuously at night, but during the day, they flash, to provide more contrast.

Dr. Harding: Ow! Dammit! Yep, it's live. No way to pick it up like that.

Jess: We have to get down from here!

Dr. Sorkin: Okay, I've switched the beacon lights to daytime mode. Hopefully that wire won't be live while the lights flash off.

Dr. Harding: Agh! Damn! Jumped the gun a little. Got it! If I couldn't move it by jumping on it, I'm never going to be able to pry it by myself. Dr. Sorkin?

Dr. Sorkin: Yes?

Dr. Harding: Can you give me a hand with this? You pry, while I put my weight on the ladder.

Dr. Sorkin: Certainly.

Dr. Harding: Okay, Dr. Sorkin, I'm ready. Jess, honey, you get ready to move as soon as the ladder goes down.

Jess: I'm ready, Dad! Just hurry!

Dr. Harding: Okay, Dr. Sorkin. On three. Ready? One...two...three!

Dr. Sorkin: Oh, you've got to be frickin' kidding me!

Jess: Dad! What are we gonna do!

Dr. Harding: Try again! On three. Ready? One...two...three! No-Jess-wait! No!

Jess: I'm fine, Dad!

Dr. Harding: Your turn, Dr. Sorkin!

Dr. Sorkin: Right! I'm coming down!

Jess: They're coming!

Dr. Harding: Dr. Sorkin! You have to hurry!

Dr. Sorkin: Out of the way! I'm going to jump for it! Thanks!

Dr. Harding: Okay, now, up and over!

Dr. Sorkin: I'm okay.

Dr. Harding: Run, Dr. Sorkin!

Jess: C'mon, they're right behind you!

Dr. Sorkin: Dr. Harding! The door!

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