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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 2

Check out part 3 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Oscar: Jump, Billy!

Billy: Next time I get a headache like this, there better be tequila involved.

Oscar: No way, amigo. This turned out better than the last time you drank tequila.

Billy: You might be right. The girl I woke up to is prettier, anyway.

Oscar: Ha, ha.

Billy: So, we lost our ride, and the only person we managed to rescue so far doesn't even work for InGen. Now what?

Oscar: See if you can find anything useful in the wreck, and make sure the girl's okay while I scout the perimeter.

Billy: Dammit! I left my AK inside the chopper! It's probably toast. Glad I didn't leave a round chambered; coulda killed someone.

Oscar: That makes two of us, amigo. Still, the cook-off was a helluva show.

Billy: Gonna take more than an auxiliary power unit to fix her this time. Better keep checking her out. If she's gonna blow, we don't wanna be anywhere nearby. Dammit, all our weapons were in there. I was just getting used to that AK, too. Lookin' pretty safe. One more look, just to be sure. No fuel left. Must've been a helluva blast. That chopper's done all the exploding she's ever gonna do. Should be safe to make camp here. I should see if the girl's okay.

Oscar might wanna talk to her when she wakes up. Let's postpone that little reunion. Wow, Barbasol. I have a can just like this back in San Jose. Aw, man. I hope it's not for her face. Heavier than I remember. Could just be full, I guess. It's only sloshing at the top. Sounds half-empty, feels full. Why is that? My step-brother used to store his second set of keys in a fake pop can. I wonder... The lady has a secret stash, but what the hell is it?

Oscar: T.rex. It's leaving.

Billy: Dammit Oscar! I only have one pair of pants! The chopper's not gonna blow, but just about everything in it, including our weapons, is flame broiled.

Oscar: No game trails, no nests. This is base camp for now.

Billy: Hey get this, I found this can of shaving cream in her pack.

Oscar: Didn't think you needed any.

Billy: Whatever you say, fuzzy. Except it's not really shaving cream. Look.

Oscar: Hmm.

Billy: So now what's the plan? That shaving cream can looks like some real CIA stuff. What do you think she's up to?

Oscar: Ask her when I ain't around. If she won't tell you, I'll make her talk my way.

Billy: We gonna try to salvage this gig?

Oscar: Yeah. I'm gonna go look for our "friends."

Billy: Shouldn't I come with?

Oscar: We lost the guns. Means I gotta be in stealth mode.

Billy: You saying' I can't sneak?

Oscar: I'm sayin' neither one of us can sneak and watch her at the same time. 'Sides, she won't talk with me around, but maybe pretty-boy Billy can get her to open up.

Billy: Yeah, it's a tough job.

Oscar: Dios mio! They open doors! Shoulda stayed in bed.


Girl: Dad! Are we going to stand here all day?

Dad: You're right hon. We should get moving.

Oscar: Locked. Smart.

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