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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 3

Check out part 4 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Cruz: [Foreign dialogue 00:00:05] How am I not dead? They left me alone? Idiotas! At least one of them pulled me out of there. Not sure I'd do the same. Where's the can?! [Foreign dialogue 00:00:53] No, no, no.

Yoder: Looking for this?

Cruz: That's mine!

Yoder: You know, this takes me back. I learned to shave with this stuff.

Cruz: Give it back, now!

Yoder: I'm all out of shaving cream myself. You mind if I borrow some?

Cruz: Stop shaking it!

Yoder: But you're supposed to shake it before you use it. Says so right on the can. You want to tell me what's so important about shaving cream? Or do I ask InGen?

Cruz: It was my lover's. He died fighting for the revolution in Chile. It's all I have left of his. Please give it back.

Yoder: That is so sweet. So let me get this straight: your Marxist revolutionary boyfriend made it a top priority to keep his face silky smooth. He must have been a very sensitive guy. I ain't stupid, lady. You want to try again?

Cruz: Embryos, they're dinosaur embryos. If you drop them they'll be destroyed. Look, Yoder, Billy, right? Maybe we can make a deal.

Yoder: This ought to be good. Shoot.

Cruz: Please! I don't expect you to trust me, but the right thing to do is to give it back to me and let me go. I have a daughter. I need the money to get her out of the ghetto. You know what happens to girls there. She doesn't deserve that life.

Yoder: Are you for real? Okay, keep talking.

Cruz: There's a lot of money in it for you if I get those embryos to my contact before they go bad. Those embryos are worth over a million, that's U.S. dollars. I have a buyer. I just need you to take us there, and we'll both be rich.

Yoder: Yeah right. Like InGen isn't going to shine a light on an independent contractor like me when they figure out the crown jewels are missing. No sale.

Cruz: You turn that over to InGen, you get a pat on the back, maybe a little Christmas bonus. You leave it to me, you become a rich man. Pay off your debt, quit your job. No more guys in suits telling you what to do. Just think about it. Come on, Billy. They money's good, and you'll be helping me save my daughter. Everybody gets a little something!

Yoder: Okay, here's the deal. One, I'm in charge. I keep the embryos and as soon as it's safe to break away, we'll deliver them to your contact.

Cruz: I don't know if the embryos will last in there much longer.

Yoder: That's a risk we are going to take. Two, we are cutting Oscar in.

Cruz: Why?

Yoder: Because he's my partner, that's why. It'll be fine, trust me. Now sit tight and lighten up. Not every woman gets to enjoy the sunset on a tropical island with Billy Yoder.

Harding: So, any idea where we are in relation to the rest of the park?

Sorkin: We're not far from the marine exhibit. I know for a fact that the phone there is in working order, or at least it was this morning.

Harding: Can we get there from the tunnels?

Sorkin: I believe so.

Harding: All right then. Lead the way. I want to get us out of here as soon as possible. No more science projects, okay?

Sorkin: I understand.

Harding: Well, as long as we are getting to know one another, how is it that Dr. Wu became Chief Geneticist over you?

Sorkin: That's an easy one. Frogs.

Jessie: You're saying frogs kept you from getting promoted?

Sorkin: Specifically, their DNA. Before we could clone any dinosaurs, we had to decide how to fill in the gaps in the DNA sequences we found.

Jessie: I remember this from the tour! You found dino blood inside of mosquito fossils, right?

Sorkin: That's right. I wanted a complete prehistoric genome cross referencing all of the DNA found in the various amber samples. It would have been safer, but it would have taken time the board of directors didn't want to spend.

Harding: Even Dr. Hammond's "spare no expense" philosophy has limits, I guess.

Sorkin: Exactly. Henry, Dr. Wu, proposed using frog DNA to fill in the gaps. It was risky. We still don't know all of the effects. But it was a solution, and a fast one at that. So Henry became Chief Geneticist and I took to the field.

Harding: Don't worry, Jess. We should be safe in here.

Jessie: Where do all these doors lead?

Harding: The maintenance corridors. The park's essential systems are in there, electrical, water, air conditioning, that sort of thing.

Sorkin: The tunnels on this side are for transporting animals, personnel and food. That's why they're so big. They're separate from the maintenance side to prevent accidents.

Harding: Are you sure we shouldn't head to the visitor's center, Dr. Sorkin? InGen is bound to start there when they don't hear from the rescue team.

Sorkin: These tunnels don't run all the way to the visitor's center. And I don't know about you, but I'd rather not risk any more overland travel.

Harding: Good point.

Sorkin: Has anyone seen my cigarettes? I could swear I had some.

Harding: I didn't realize you smoked.

Sorkin: Normally, I manage to duck out a few times a day, but we've been preoccupied.

Harding: Where did you last have them?

Sorkin: Right here in my pocket, or so I thought.

Jessie: Maybe they fell out when we jumped from the water tower?

Sorkin: I suppose. Oh well, I'm probably better off without them.

Harding: So Laura, I've been meaning to ask you. Why don't you do your radio show anymore?

Jessie: You had a radio show?

Sorkin: Well, it wasn't really radio. I'd hack into the park intercom and play choice cuts from my record collection. Lately, I haven't had the time.

Harding: Did you really have to show Artie Bridges how to do it?

Sorkin: Believe me, I regret it, but how was I to know how bad he was? He begged me. Said it was his dream to be in radio.

Harding: You know what, he should stick to managing the janitorial group. He's awful.

Sorkin: He certainly is. I guess there was a reason it was just a dream. He actually records his show ahead of time, so that he can broadcast during work hours.

Jessie: Did you guys hear that?

Harding: Sounded like a rat.

Sorkin: Dinosaurs aren't the only invasive species InGen brought to the island. There are lots of rats in these tunnels. Maintenance is always setting traps down here. Do you mind if we stop for a rest? My legs are killing me.

Harding: I suppose we could all use a break.

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