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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 5

Check out part 6 and beat Episode 2: "The Cavalry" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Yoder: No good, here it comes. Go!

Cruz: Damn it! Got to change it up. The gate. Chase him.

Come on. Nice tasty dinosaur. Stay still. Stay still. Do these things ever stop eating?

Yoder: Move. Move. Come on, come on. Nice moves out there. Like a ballet dancer or something.

Cruz: Thanks.

Yoder: Damn you're lucky. You ought to forget our deal and buy a lottery ticket.

Cruz: The embryos . . .

Yoder: Yeah, yeah, relax. I . . .

Cruz: You lost it? You lost it!

Yoder: It must have fallen out.

Morales: That's right, go. Now there's the place to hide. Last thing I need is for those things to see me better. Locked, good. If I can't open it, they can't either. Here they come. Lousy piece of . . .

Cruz: Idiota! Do you know what you've done?

Yoder: Hey! In case you didn't notice, it wasn't exactly a leisurely stroll over here.

Cruz: You dropped it, you find it.

Yoder: Hold your horses. That T. Rex is still out there.

Cruz: Okay, so we know where it is. Go get it!

Yoder: I think I'll wait until our friend there leaves to find a new chew toy.

Cruz: I don't know if we have time. If the embryos go bad they're worthless.

Yoder: The embryos are worthless to me if I get eaten by a damn lizard.

Cruz: If you're not man enough to get the embryos back I'll do it myself.

Yoder: Hang on. The deal is, I hold onto the embryos until we reach your contact.

Cruz: I know, and instead you dropped them.

Yoder: Yeah, well, crap. If you're going to use logic.

Cruz: Just go. And hurry!

Yoder: Oops. Nuts. Hello, darling. What brings a nice girl like you to a place like this? Got it! Open the door. Open the door! I got it! Somebody tell Carl Lewis I got some training tips for him.

Cruz: Okay, great. Nice moves out there.

Yoder: Hey, thanks.

Cruz: Almost makes up for dropping it in the first place.

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