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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 6

Check out part 7 and beat Episode 3: "The Depths" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Woman: Stop.

Man: What?

Woman: I saw eyes.

Man: Probably a rat or something. Keep moving.

Woman: No. I saw eyes just like that before I was bitten. I won't go through that again.

Man: Big shinny eyes?

Woman: You saw them too?

Man: Not here, but yeah.

Oscar: Go on. Get out of here.

Man: Come on, we got to keep moving.

Woman: No way. Not until I can see where I'm going.

Man: Okay, we can't go back outside because of our old friend Rexie, but maybe we can get the lights on. It seems like those things, whatever they are, like to stick to the shadows.

Could be some kind of IT network thing, looks too fragile to be an electrical panel.

My ex used to clean like crazy whenever she got mad. Sometimes I'd pick a fight just to get my apartment clean.

Woman: Your ex? You were married?

Man: Hell no. Ex-girlfriend.

All right, now we know where to turn off the water when folks take showers around here. You ever do that? Turn off the water when someone's in the shower? It's pure gold, I tell you.

Woman: I will have to try that, if I ever turn 12 again.

Man: We're in luck. This looks like a power panel right here.

Woman: What's the hold up?

Man: It's nothing. It's just a different model than I'm used to, is all.

Woman: So you're stuck?

What about the thing there? Maybe you have to prime it before turning it on, like an oil pump or something?

Man: Look, no offense, but this type of electrical system is probably way ahead of anything you've seen before. I got this.

"Push to close," close what? Well, that was my best guess.

All right, I got it now. Close your eyes, you're about to lose your . . .

Night vision.

Daughter: What's going on? Dad?

Dad: Over here, Jess. It's all right. The backup generator wasn't meant to last this long, that's all.

Laura: No, that's not it. We should have been fine for days.

Man: How the hell was I supposed to know open meant turn everything off? I mean, it's counter-intuitive.

Woman: You would know if you read the instructions.

Man: Why don't you yell a little louder? I think there's a dinosaur on the other side of the island that didn't hear you.

Woman: Whatever, there's a close, right?

Man: There's a close, right? I'll close that crap right up.

Yeah, that's right. Come on.

Artie: This is Artie Bridges, rocking Jurassic Park's only unofficial radio station. Just a reminder for you before we sign off, parklings, if you're not on the boat by seven, you're not going to be on the boat at all. I've got a little something special for all you last-minute packers out there, a personal favorite of mine and I'll see you all on board.

Laura: Damn it, Artie.

Dad: He's not still here, is he?

Laura: No, from the sound of it, he queued up this last bit of tape and took off.

Artie: So here's a little something to get you ready to set sail.

Oscar: Mother of God. I did it.

Man: Oscar.

Oscar: Three more. That way.

Laura: Artie, this show is over.

Dad: Laura, you're my new favorite person.

Laura: You've forgiven me for fixing the lysine problem?

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