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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 7

Check out part 8 and beat Episode 3: "The Depths" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Laura: Artie, this show is over.

Artie: You're my new favorite person.

Laura: You've forgiven me for fixing the lysine problem?

Artie: Don't push it.

Billy: Holy crap, Oscar! Did you just take one of those things out by hand?

Oscar: I see sleeping beauty woke up. Did you have to kiss her?

Nima: I woke just fine on my own, thanks. Right? You were in that tree the whole time.

Billy: Of course I was. Listen, when I kiss you, you'll remember it.

Nima: That's never gonna happen.

Billy: Aww, don't be like that....

Oscar: You're supposed to be at the crash site.

Billy: Yeah, the plan didn't factor in an angry T.rex, so we had to change it. I didn't think to engage it in a knife fight. Sorry.

Oscar: We had to change the plan?

Billy: That's right. I unlocked the mystery behind the shaving cream can. Turns out our Little Miss Sunshine here is smuggling dino embryos off the island.

Oscar: What? Let me guess. You have a plan...

Billy: Yeah, well, turns out these things are worth a lot of money to the right people. I mean, A LOT.

Oscar: You're pretty self-righteous for a thief.

Nima: I wouldn't be a thief if you hadn't stolen this island from my people in the first place!

Oscar: I didn't steal anything! The Costa Rican government rented this place to InGen.

Nima: And you did their dirty work, didn't you?

Oscar: I did my job, just like I'm doing now.

Nima: Really? And how many people are you going to kill today?

Oscar: You shut the hell up! Or I'll start counting with you.

Billy: Whoa, whoa! No fighting! Save it for the dinos, huh?

Oscar: You going along with her?

Billy: Hey, I'm not doing anything unless you're down. But come on, Oscar! Do you really think InGen gives a rat's ass about us? Look what happened to B-Team, to D-Caf. Their families are gonna get a puny check, a gag order, and nothing else.

Oscar: Do I gotta remind you that we're working against the clock? There's no time to save these people AND be her errand boys before this place turns to ground zero.

Nima: What do you mean, "ground zero"?

Billy: Nothing. We could do it, Oscar. We've gotta call for another helicopter anyway. So, one of us takes the eggheads back to the mainland, and the other takes her to meet her contact.

Oscar: Let me guess, that last part would be up to you?

Billy: You just tell InGen that I bought it like the rest of the guys they sent. Then you and I hook up later to split our cut.

Oscar: I trust you, but I don't trust her. Okay, Billy. Count me in. Just keep her the hell away from me.

Nima: He's not keeping me anywhere, but I don't want to be any closer to you than I have to.

Billy: Now, now, play nice, you two.

Oscar: All right, let's move out. Take it slow and quiet.

Laura: Let's not start this again. I respect your opinion, Gerry. Although to be honest, I'm a little surprised at your lack of regard for the animals.

Gerry: It's not that I don't care about them, Laura. It's just that there are so many unintended consequences that come with your decision. We can't keep this a secret.

Jess: Shoot!

Gerry: We need contingency plans. We'll need to monitor things outside of the park.

Jess: Where is it? I know I...yes! C'mon! C'mon!

Dad! Run!

Gerry: Jess! What's wrong?

Laura: What happened?

Gerry: Come on! Come on!

Laura: Gerry!

Gerry: Get away, if you can! Go! I can't keep this up for long!

Jess: Key! Yes! Reverse...

Gerry: This way! Come on. Stay with me!

Oscar: You sure you wanna take care of business? Your last friend wasn't so lucky...

Jess: What the...?

Laura: Amazing. I've never seen them afraid before.

Gerry: You're getting good at this, Jess. I'm proud of you.

Jess: Thanks, Dad.

That was awesome!

Oscar: No problem.

Gerry: Okay, hon. Let the man breathe.

Jess: Yoder!

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