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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 8

Check out part 9 and beat Episode 3: "The Depths" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Oscar: You sure you wanna take care of business? Your last friend wasn't so lucky...

Jess: What the-?

Laura: Amazing. I've never seen them afraid before.

Gerry: You're getting good at this, Jess. I'm proud of you.

Jess: Thanks, Dad! That. Was. AWESOME!

Oscar: problem?

Gerry: Okay hun. Let the man breathe.

Jess: Yoder! You're alive!

Yoder: WE'RE alive? I'm surprised you guys lasted five minutes without me and Oscar.

Gerry: Thank you.

Oscar: Forget it.

Jess: Oh my God! You're bleeding! Are you okay?

Oscar: No worries...belongs to one of them.

Jess: You killed one of them? With a knife? That is so bad-ass!

Yoder: Well, hey, I outran a T. rex.

Oscar: It's nothin'. Just another fight.

Jess: Are you gonna get a tattoo of a raptor, now? I totally would.

Oscar: Hmph. Not a bad idea.

Nima: You aren't fooling me.

Oscar: What now?!

Nima: You can pretend to be a hero all you want, but we both know what you really are.

Oscar: You're right. We do.

Laura: Everyone, we have a problem.

Gerry: What's wrong, Laura?

Laura: You've seen the flickering lights, now the steam eruptions...Something's gone wrong with the island's geothermal power plant.

Yoder: That's not OUR problem.

Laura: When the power plant explodes, it will be.

Gerry: It's that bad?

Laura: Everything I've read about the system says it's supposed to shut itself down if something goes wrong with the steam pressure. The fact that it hasn't means that the pressure will build unchecked. It'll pop like a balloon, and take half the island with it.

Gerry: Are you sure the power plant is the problem?

Laura: It's the steam that clinches it for me, Gerry. The power could fail for a lot of reasons, but the steam comes straight from the power plant.

Gerry: Can we get to the power plant form here? I'm completely turned around.

Laura: Yes, I've been here before. It's down this way. We really ought to get moving.

Gerry: How can we stop the power plant from exploding?

Laura: We have to do something, and quickly, but I won't know exactly what until we get there.

Yoder: No time. Say goodbye to your dinosaurs, Doc. You can dig up the fossils later.

Laura: When the power plant explodes, it'll take us with it. Unless you have a spare helicopter, ready to lift off?

Yoder: Oh, this just keeps getting better and better.

Oscar: Listen up...You're gonna show me the corridor that goes to the power plant. I'm gonna scout ahead and make sure there's no dinosaur party happenin' when we get there.

Jess: Can I come? I know I can help!

Gerry: You're staying right here where I can keep an eye on you.

Jess: Hey! I saved YOU, remember? Besides those things are afraid of him!

Gerry: You wandered off, Jess.

Jess: Oscar doesn't mind, do you, Oscar? Hmph! You outran a T. rex, huh Yoder?

Yoder: I sure did. Y'know, not everyone has the training to pull something like that off, let alone the raw speed.

Jess: I know, right? That's what I thought when I outran her yesterday. When I saw the helicopter crash into the jungle, I thought you guys were goners.

Nima: We're fine. Hey, about before, the hostage thing...I'm sorry. I was only trying to protect myself. Me and the mercs...we worked it out.

Jess: Worked it out? How?

Nima: Don't worry about it. We're okay, for now.

Jess: That's great! So everyone's friends, now, huh?

Yoder: I wouldn't put it like that.

Jess: Then how would you-- no way! Did you guys make out?

Nima: We've decided that we can all work together, let's just put it that way.

Yoder: Hey, Oscar's back. What'd you find, buddy?

Oscar: Hallway's clear but the door to the plant is locked.

Yoder: Don't that just figure.

Oscar: Either a' you got a key?

Laura: I'm afraid not.

Oscar: How about a smoke?

Laura: I wish...I swore I had some on me but- Jess? Something to share?

Jess: I'm sorry! I...I just wanted to borrow them! B-but then a dinosaur was there, and I threw them, and I think it ATE them...

Gerry: Jessica Marie Harding! First you get caught stealing a t-shirt from the mall. Then you steal binoculars from the park, and lie about it TO MY FACE! Now, you've taken Laura's cigarettes?! You let the raptors get to us because you wanted to SMOKE?!

Jess: Hey! Mom smokes! You did too, when I was younger.

Gerry: That's not the point! It's not just the smoking. It's stealing. It's... not listening! Remember, the main reason you're on this island is because your mother thinks I might be able to straighten you out...somehow.

Jess: Right. Not because you want to see me or anything. Look, you don't have to worry about me, Dad. I'm almost 15! I can take care of myself. I don't need you, or Mom, or anyone!

Gerry: Oh, honey, I know it feels like that, especially at your age, but you're not an adult. You might be a young woman...uh...physically, but emotional maturity takes time...

Jess: Don't, okay? I'm sorry, Dad, but how many times have you been married? Your kids...have you even talked to Sara lately? This year, even? Should you be lecturing ANYONE about emotional maturity?

Yoder: Damn, burn! Plant's gonna blow, right? We ain't got time for this After School Special crap.

Laura: That may lead to the other side of the door.

Yoder: Hate to break it to you doc, but ain't none of us fitting through there.

Laura: Maybe...It's locked all right.

Oscar: Thanks for double checking.

Gerry: [Inaudible 00-07-08]

Jess: [Inaudible 00:07:11] and you're not there. At least when I'm in trouble, she has to look up from her bridge game for long enough to bail me out.

Gerry: Yeah? Well, you know what? I can't bail you out if you get us eaten by dinosaurs. Don't leave my sight until we're off the island.

Jess: You aren't even listening to me!

Oscar: Missing something?

Laura: What? No. Just wondering why they left the transport cages here.

Oscar: I bet.

Gerry: That's enough, Jess.

Jess: It's only until my boyfriend's death metal band takes off, then we're getting married. Mom's already signed the emancipation papers.

Gerry: I'm not laughing. Someone who claims she's ready to be treated like an adult probably shouldn't be such a little snot.

Jess: Also, I'm pregnant.

Gerry: Enough! When we get you home, I'm going to be having a long talk with your mother-

Laura: Gerry, please. A word?

Gerry: -about this.

Jess: Come on, Dad. We both know that will be worse for you than it is for me...

Laura: Gerry, please. I really need to speak with you.

Jess: I'm already grounded for life, so it doesn't matter if you rat me out.

Laura: All right, ENOUGH!

Gerry: I apologize, I'm sorry. Jess, we'll finish this later. How can I help?

Laura: We have a situation. The only way around the door to the power plant is that vent, and Jess is the only one of us who might fit inside.

Gerry: Absolutely not! My daughter has clearly shown that she can't be trusted with her own safety. She doesn't leave my sight from now on. We're just going to have to find another solu-...Jess? JESSI?! Jess?!

Oscar: It's okay. Pretty sure the dinosaurs haven't been using that vent.

Gerry: What vent? What dinosaurs? Oh my God! JESS!

Jess: What?

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