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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 9

Check out part 10 and beat Episode 3: "The Depths" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Laura: Well done, Jess.

Jess: Thanks.

Laura: Okay, listen up: we need to release the steam pressure to prevent any more buildup.

Billy: What are we looking for?

Laura: A power console and probably a master release valve.

Jess: Look Dad, I'm sorry. I was just trying to . . .

Gerry: You were just trying to ignore everything I said! Now, just stay where I can see you this time.

Jess: Okay, I will. I mean it. Sorry.

Laura: That looks like the power console. There, at the top of the ladder.

Jess: Yeah, they're going to have to update that sign.

Laura: We don't want to close the circuit without charging the capacitor first. We can't pump the capacitor until the steam is vented, too risky. See that large valve wheel up there? I think that's the pressure release we're looking for.

Gerry: I'll handle it.

Laura: Wait until I turn the power off to release the pressure. Otherwise, the system won't properly reset.

Gerry: Got it.

Laura: All right, looks like we "press to open" the circuit in order to turn the power off. Here goes nothing.

Billy: "Press to open" that does make sense.

Nima: It does now.

Gerry: No good. I'm gonna need some help. Could you guys give me a hand with this valve? It won't budge.

Billy: Sure! We open pickle jars too.

Oscar: Okay on three. One, two, three.

Laura: Stop! Stop!

Billy: We got this!

Laura: No, I mean stop! It shouldn't take that much force to turn the valve. There must be some kind of motorized assist for it. If you force it, you could break something.

Gerry: I'll have a look.

Laura: If there is a motor, you'll need to disconnect it before it'll turn manually.

Gerry: Looks just like a smoke stack. I'm glad that lava flow is so far below us. Any closer and the heat would be unbearable. That compartment there, that could house the motor we're looking for.

Nima: I'll check it out. The motor is fried, burnt out. Something's holding it in place! Okay I found what's holding the motor in.

Laura: Great! But we don't have any tools.

Nima: Don't need any, it's just a latch.

Laura: That's handy. I guess the need to yank that thing out in a hurry was anticipated.

Nima: I got it!

Gerry: Perfect! Let's try it again.

Laura: That's it! The steam has been vented. All we need now is to turn the power back on.

Billy: You need any help?

Laura: I'm quite capable, thank you. One, two, three, four!

Billy: Is that the . . .

Laura: It's the press to close light. It means the charge is pumped.

Billy: Right.

Laura: I'm going to close the circuit and turn the power back on!

Jess: Please don't blow up! Please don't blow up! Please don't blow up!

Laura: I think you'll find we have nothing to worry about.

Jess: What's happening?

Gerry: Laura?

Billy: Nothing to worry about huh?

Laura: It's all right everyone. It's just a fail safe measure to protect the plant. We probably set it off when we disconnected the motor, or something else. Everything is just fine.

Jess: If you say so. Raptors!

Gerry: Run to the ladder Nima! Before they can cut you off.

Nima: I'll try!

Laura: The door controls. They're completely fried.

Nima: Thank you.

Billy: Can't these doors be opened manually?

Laura: I'm afraid not. They only way we can get them open is by using the controls by the doors where we came in.

Oscar: I'm on it.

Billy: What? No way! That's suicide.

Laura: He's right. The raptors wouldn't have come back if they were still afraid of you.

Oscar: I'll just have to give them a new reason to be scared then.

Billy: Can we at least talk about this?

Oscar: You know damn well I'm the only one's got a chance to get to that control panel.

Billy: Maybe, but who says you have to go alone?

Oscar: I do. Look, Billy, we got to get these people out of here. I figure they got no chance with both of us gone.

Billy: Crap.

Oscar: Okay, I want everyone to hang tight while I figure this out. You're going to be fine.

Billy: What's the plan?

Oscar: Working on it. I'll let you know.

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