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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 3 - The Depths - Part 10

Beat Episode 3: "The Depths" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Oscar: I've made jumps that wide before. I could get down that way. All right! I want you to tempt those raptor by creepin' down the ladder.

Billy: Oh, okay! Before I thought you were nuts, but that sounds like a great plan.

Oscar: You got somethin' better?

Harding: We could always throw the doctor lady down there. That would distract them.

Jess: Don't go! You could die!

Oscar: Don't count me out yet. Gimme a diversion, will ya? Couple of seconds, at least...

Billy: Got it!

Nima: Hey... thanks...

Oscar: Whoa.

Jess: I hope he makes it back.

Nima: Try not to worry. The man has skills.

Laura: I thought you hated him.

Nima: But I respect his ability. If anyone can do this, he can.

Billy: Oscar! Company! HEY! Hey, hey, check this out, huh? Nice tasty drumstick! Too slow, ya dumb lizard!

Laura: Actually--

Oscar: That's it... just keep focused on Billy. Gotta make a run for it. No choice. You want some a' what your buddy had?


Oscar: Gotta make a run for it. No choice. You want some a' what your buddy had?


Billy: Run, Oscar! C'mon, Oscar! Get up! GET UP! Noooo! Oscar! OSCAAARRR!

Harding: There's nothing you can do.

Laura: They're coming!

Harding: I'm sorry for your loss, but we have to get out of here! There's no lock! Help! Get ready! What happened there?

Laura: That was their fear response. Something about this place scares them. But even if they weren't scared, you looked ready to hold them off.

Harding: Thanks, but I'm glad I didn't have to.

Jess: Are... you okay, Billy?

Billy: What the hell do you think?

Laura: What Oscar did was very brave. When we get back we're going to make sure he is duly recognized for his--

Billy: You think I care about that crap?!

Oscar: Let's just give him some space...

Billy: Five minutes! Just, just gimme five minutes and I'll be FINE. I know what you people think of us... a buncha blue grunts, right? Bunch high school drop outs... we're replaceable.

Jess: We don't think that! We don't! Tell him...

Billy: Oscar was worth a thousand of you, and he knew it, and he still died to save your ass! So don't tell me how YOU'RE gonna honor HIM! You don't deserve to!

Harding: Okay... OKAY... What can we do?

Billy: Nothing. I said I'll be fine, remember? All I need is... space.

Laura: I know we've got a lot on our minds, but whatever spooked those raptors may be nearby.

Harding: Laura's right. I need everyone to be alert while she and I search the room.

Nima: What is that? Smells like... the jungle... only more rotten.

Harding: Jess, you don't want to see this. Nima, could you... ?

Nima: Yeah. Come with me, Jess... try not to look, ok?

Harding: This guy's dressed a lot like you, Billy.

Billy: Does he have a tattoo on his arm? Like mine?

Harding: Yes... yes he does. My God! He's alive!

Laura: HIs pulse is faint, but it's there. Look for bite marks.

Harding: Bite marks? Yes, yes. They look just like...

Laura: ...just like the ones Nim had, I know. He's alive, but only technically. He's paralyzed, and almost certainly brain dead. This is the venom's final stage.

Harding: Laura!

Laura: Eggs... It IS a nest! I thought the structure looked like the nest of a cassowary, maybe an emu, but without eggs I couldn't be sure.

Harding: Yes, but, but... they're inside him.

Laura: If you'd asked me five minutes ago, I'd have told you such behavior didn't exist outside of class Insecta, but now--

Harding: Laura! He's a human being!

Laura: I'm sorry. You're absolutely right.

Billy: What the hell's going on over there? Is he alive or not?

Harding: He's alive... but in a comatose state... something has laid eggs in his abdomen.

Billy: Something WHAT?!

Harding: The... victim is being kept alive by a --

Billy: D-Caf.

Harding: I'm sorry?

Billy: "The victim" is Daniel Cafaro. Another throwaway grunt.

Laura: Oh my God... I knew they'd gotten out somehow, but I never thought...

Billy: You knew about this?! You KNEW?! I'LL KILL YOU!

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