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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 4 - The Survivors - Part 1

Check out part 2 and beat Episode 4: "The Survivors" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Harding: Billy, let her go!

Jess: Billy, stop! Let her go!

Billy: Stay out of my way!

Harding: What are doing?

Billy: I'm warning you! Keep back!

Harding: C'mon, think this through.

Jess: Dad! Do something!

Billy: Shut up! Shut UP! Tell us doctor-- what's out there? What did this to him?

Laura: Tro- They're called Troodon Pectinodon. They were meant to be euthanized... but...

Billy: What, you let them out?

Laura: No, no! I kept them in quarantine... for study. They... I thought they may have been leaving the pens somehow, but I wasn't certain.

Billy: You knew about those damn creatures all along while we were out there, exposed, humping around like idiots looking for our pilot!

Harding: Billy. Wait.

Billy: We were nearly killed by one of our own me. Probably bitten by one of those things just like D-Caf. Who knows where his catatonic body is now. Both our teams are dead! Oscar is DEAD! All because of your dinosaurs. All because of you.

Harding: Billy, listen, I get it. You're angry. But we need Laura alive-- she's the only one here familiar with what we're dealing with.

Billy: And what good does it do us if she keeps that intel to herself? Anyway, this witch is a liar. She's lied to all of us- put me in the direct line of danger to protect her agenda and her precious freakshow. What else is she hiding?

Laura: Please. If I knew sooner--

Billy: Ah, shut it.

Harding: Is that what this is all about? She put you in danger? You're acting out a vendetta, here.

Billy: Oh, don't turn this around on me. I'm doing this for D-Caf and Vargas. What is all this? She's a liar, how can you deny that?

Nima: How did she lie? Because she wouldn't tell us information without knowing the facts?

Billy: She could have speculated.

Laura: No, speculating could have led us into even more danger.

Billy: Oh, so what-- I'm the enemy? I'm the bad guy here? I'm just trying to open your eyes. I'm trying to show you the truth and bring someone to account for it.

Nima: InGen is the enemy here. They spoiled the island, they made these monsters. You can't make her pay for all that InGen has done.

Billy: Maybe...

Nima: Put down the knife. We need to work together, all of us.

Billy: All she has to say is, "it's my fault." "It's my fault," c'mon, Doc... let me hear it.

Laura: No... it wasn't.

Billy: SAY IT!!

Laura: It's... It's m-my fault.

Billy: There. That wasn't so difficult, was it? Your friends may have saved you, here, but at least I got the truth out of you. You want her alive? You got her. You just mark my words, she will save just one of those animals before she lifts a finger to help you. Now... everyone make themselves useful. I've got to tend to D-Caf.

Harding: Look, we can't stay here long. Let's just give Billy a minute and see if you can find anything useful. A way out, even.

Nima: Ok. We'll do a sweep of the room and check in when we're done- agreed? I think they're empty. They're still heavy, though. Huele a excrement. I don't see anything... maybe it's clear.

Harding: Locked. I don't want to get stuck in a vent with a dinosaur. Besides, there's blood everywhere. Ow! Hot. A flare kit. This might come in handy.

Jess: Are you ok?

Harding: Jess, hon, leave him alone. Billy, we should cover D-Caf. I don't want Jess to see this.

Billy: Yeah.

Jess: Just great. It's locked. Anyone happen to have a key? What about this grate? It looks big enough for everyone.

Laura: And it looks like it's heading in the right direction.

Jess: This tunnel looks tall enough for everyone. Maybe we should go this way.

Harding: Jess, stand back from the grate. You don't know what's down there.

Jess: I'm just trying to help.

Harding: I know Jess- I just can't keep my attention on everything at hand plus you.

Jess: Sorry to be such a burden. Could I pick this lock? Not that I would know how-- but I don't want to add breaking and entering onto my Dad's list of my criminal tendencies. I don't understand. I thought the dinosaurs couldn't breed.

Laura: They can't. They're all female.

Jess: Then how do they lay eggs?

Laura: Theropods shed eggs just like most other ovipar--um, egg laying animals. Think about chickens-- the whole egg market is made up of unfertilized eggs, right?

Jess: Oh, yeah. So they still have to lay them?

Harding: Oh, my...

Laura: What is it?

Harding: You bring up a good point about our dinosaurs ovulating, but these eggs are gathered in a clutch-- this is brooding behavior.

Laura: So? Chickens will brood a large enough clutch.

Harding: But, not our dinosaurs. I've found postovulatory eggs in the ranges-- they're malshaped, usually destroyed or kicked into the bush.

Laura: I see. Wait, it'd - we can't jump to any conclusions. How could it even be possible?

Jess: Could a girl dino turn into a boy dino?

Laura: With Dr. Wu's slapdash approach to gene sequencing, anything could go wrong.

Harding: Maybe we should get going.

Nima: Are you sure?

Harding: Yeah, if you're ready, Billy. Billy? Did you find something?

Billy: No. Nothing. Is everyone ready?

Harding: What about D-Caf?

Billy: I took care of that.

Harding: It looked like you took something off him. If he has something that will help us...

Billy: I didn't find anything. I took his dog tags. Insurance doesn't pay out to his family unless his dog tags are retuned. Satisfied?

Harding: Right. I'm sorry for pushing. Should we bring him with us?

Billy: Why bother, he's already buried.

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