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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 4 - The Survivors - Part 2

Check out part 3 and beat Episode 4: "The Survivors" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Billy: Look, I know where his body is. We're not equipped to transport it. Hopefully we can retrieve his remains when this is all over. All right. Listen up. Everything that just happened, bygones. Understand? Doc, tell me again about the phones.

Laura: According to the terminal in my lab, the marine exhibit phones are still connected to the transceiver. The Visitors Center phones are . . .

Billy: Too far away! Okay and we can get to the exhibit through the tunnels?

Laura: They are all interconnected. I think I can still find . . .

Billy: The answer is yes. Thank you. All right. We all have the same priorities here, now. We get to this marine exhibit and find the phone. We get another chopper in the air to lift us out from there.

Gerry: How are we going to get there? Troodon could still be out there.

Laura: We aren't equipped to treat anymore bites. We have to . . .

Billy: Shh

Laura: I will not be shusshed.

Billy: The door. Oh no.

Jess: Dad . . .

Billy: They're coming through the vent!

Gerry: They're going past the door.

Billy: Gerry! Get that grate open!

Gerry: I'm on it! I need something to break the lock!

Billy: Well, find that something!

Nima: The air tank! Use the air tank! It's heavy and sturdy.

Gerry: Nah, that'd never work.

Nima: Gerry! Hurry!

Gerry: I know! I know! Come on Gerry.

Nima: Billy! I can't hold them back! Help me!

Billy: I'm a little busy here.

Nima: The flares!

Billy: What about them?

Nima: Throw me one!

Billy: Heads up!

Gerry: I got it! Let's go!

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