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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 4 - The Survivors - Part 3

Check out part 4 and beat Episode 4: "The Survivors" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Gerry: Oh no, which way Laura?

Laura: I don't know where we are anymore. Wait, we need to head towards the north.

Billy: Keep moving, don't look back it only slows you down.

Gerry: Wait the conduit's gone.

Billy: Don't stop.

Laura: Wait those are water mains.

Billy: Go follow them.

Gerry: Which way, Laura?

Laura: I don't know Gerry, we must be 40 feet underground, I have no idea where we are.

Billy: We can't just sit around with our thumbs up our butts.

Laura: I don't hear them anymore, their behavior seemed territorial, maybe we are far enough away from the nest if they gave up on us.

Billy: We might have outpaced them, but we're not exactly in a secure location, which way are we heading doc?

Nima: Look over here, can you read this?

Laura: Maybe, if I can find . . . Yes, yes okay. We are at a four way intersection, there are only four such intersections on the plan. Let me just cross reference these detail labels. Okay, we just have to figure out which intersection we're at. Look around the corridors for any distinguishing features. I'll see if I can eliminate possibilities.

Jess: Maybe I can help with the plans? They look pretty simple.

Laura: I don't have enough to go on here. I need details, landmarks, something unique.

Gerry: There's a big yellow pipe going down the left wall, it crosses over the ceiling partway down the corridor. There's a ladder on the right and on the far wall at the end. I see some sort of water tanks at the end of the hall. It looks like the corridor ends in a "T" intersection.

Billy: There's a set of water tanks partway down the corridor on the right. I see one ladder at the end of the hallway.

Laura: I think it's this one.

Jess: How can you keep them all straight?

Laura: Okay everyone, I think I've got it.

Billy: Are you sure?

Laura: I'm positive. We must be here. It's the only one that completely matches our surroundings. Okay, here we are, the desalination plant is here.

Gerry: We're not that far.

Laura: No, we follow this route here. We follow any water mains at junctions in the direction of convergence. Even still, there's barely any turns. Look, just memorize this route.

Gerry: What is it?

Laura: Oh my God!

Billy: Look out!

Laura: Jess look out!

Gerry: Jess!

Jess: No! Dad!

Laura: They're afraid of the flare.

Billy: I can see that. Get behind me. Go! Go! Go!

Laura: Get up!

Jess: I can't open it!

Laura: Move over!

Gerry: Jessi!

Nima: Gerry, come on!

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