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Jurassic Park The Game Walkthrough Episode 4 - The Survivors - Part 8

Check out part 9 and beat Episode 4: "The Survivors" of Jurassic Park: The Game with this online demo of the third-person adventure .


Gerry: Is anybody hurt? Is everyone all right?

Woman: You mean besides being trapped in this bubble by that desgraciado? We're as good as dead.

Gerry: Don't say that. Somebody might, somebody will come for us.

Woman: Who, Gerry? Yoder left us here. He will take the boat and not tell anyone about us.

Jess: Maybe he won't take the boat.

Woman: He has the canister. He knows where the boat is.

Jess: He doesn't have the canister.

Gerry: What?

Jess: I'm sorry. I promised not to steal anymore.

Gerry: Okay. That's one a freebie.

Woman: Gerry, look.

Gerry: Oh, great. Just great.

Jess: Why is it flooding?

Gerry: It must be the damage to the door. We're losing air pressure. This place will flood right up to the highest hole in the roof. Damn it. Even if we could open the door against the pressure, the whole rotunda is flooded. There's nowhere to go.

Woman: Wait a second. I remember. Maybe there still is a way out, if we swim.

Jess: Swim?

Gerry: Swim? We won't make it 20 feet with that mosasaur swimming around.

Woman: Maybe. Look at that pipeline. It leads out of this lagoon. There are caves at the far end. Those caves connect to others that lead back to the beaches. We use the pipeline as cover.

Gerry: You think we can hold our breath the whole way?

Jess: Dad, look. There's diving here.

Gerry: No, no, no, no. We don't know the first thing about scuba-diving.

Jess: I do.

Gerry: What?

Woman: We have to distract the mosasaur, figure something out, and meet us back down here.

Gerry: Scuba-diving? Oh, come on. How could this be so complicated? I don't know thing one about diving.

Jess: Dad, don't mess with the mixture valve. They're all preset.

Gerry: Since when do you know about diving?

Jess: Remember those lessons you wouldn't let me take?

Gerry: Did your mother override my decision?

Jess: Actually, Steve bought me lessons. It was a secret.

Gerry: Mom's boyfriend?

Jess: Yeah. If it's any consolation, I got grounded, and Steve slept on the couch for a week.

Gerry: I'll be right back. Feeder program. Hatchery B, pool four. That looks like the one scheduled for today's feeding. That ought to keep it busy. Okay, hon. What do we do?

Jess: Dad, I changed my mind. These are rebreathers and I've never actually used one. I'm not ready for this.

Gerry: Hey, you could do this.

Jess: No. What if something goes wrong? I don't want to do this. I don't want anyone else to get hurt.

Gerry: No, no, no. It's okay, hon. No teenager should ever have to go through something like this but look how far we've come. You've been so incredibly brave. You can do this. I will be with you every step of the way.

Jess: I just don't want you to go away. I'm so tired of you always going away.

Gerry: I know, honey but I'm here right now, and I'm not going to leave you alone. I'll be here with you all the way. Now, what's the diver signal for okay?

Jess: It's universal, duh.

Gerry: Right, right. Well, I promise to signal you whenever you check on me, okay?

Jess: I'm scared.

Gerry: I am too but I know we'll make it with your help. Okay, Jess. Are you ready?

Jess: Yeah, let's do this.

Gerry: So how do these things work?

Jess: Well, these are closed circuit rebreathers. They look custom designed. This is the regulator. It's built into the mask. It wants to help you breathe. Don't fight it and don't hold your breath.

Gerry: Okay, don't hold my breath.

Jess: The tank is small. Maybe 15 minutes of air.

Gerry: Is that enough?

Jess: But it recycles the air you exhale. It should work for about 45 minutes. Try not to freak out, it will use air faster. You might even mess up the CO2 scrubbers.

Gerry: That sounds bad.

Jess: CO2 poisoning is totally bad. That's it. The suit is mostly automated. It will keep you like buoyant and manage your oxygen. Oh, and try to swim casual.

Gerry: Swim casual?

Jess: Don't spaz out, it attracts sharks.

Gerry: What about mosasaurs?

Jess: Probably them too. Turn around.

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