How to DJ with DP One

Learn about DJ DP One of Rock and Soul DJ School, one of Howcast's DJ'ing experts, in this video.


"About the Expert: DP ONE

I go by the name of DP ONE representing Brooklyn NYC, representing turntable [inaudible], supreme beings, universal super-nation and heavy hitters and I am the main instructor for Rock & Soul DJ School. I play a little bit of everything, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Latin, House, all different types of House, Funk, Breaks, B Boy competitions. I'm heavily involved in the raw essence of Hip Hop culture. I'm around Poppers, Lockers, B Boys, B Girls, Battle MC's, Battle DJ's, Graffiti virus producers, that is the main scene that I'm involved in. I also DJ the top 40 commercial clubs. I tour with artists. I love my life because of music, because I have music in my life and I'm able to express myself . Through music, life is amazing. We are currently at the Rock & Soul Record Shop. I teach basic foundation fundamentals of the DJ art form, from beginner, intermediate, to the most advanced. Ever since I started DJ'ing, I've been coming here, buying records and DJ equipment, turntables. My first pair of Teknik turntables I bought here. The fact that I'm actually teaching here means, I don't really have the right words to express how exciting that is for me. So once again, I go by the name of DJ DP ONE and today I'm gonna teach you how to DJ.

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