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How to Do Gymnastics with Brian Ray & Dulles Gymnastics

Learn about Brian Ray of Dulles Gymnastics Academy, one of Howcast's gymnastics experts, in this video.


Hi, my name's Brian Ray. I am the girls competitive coach over at Dulles Gymnastics Academy located in Sterling, Virginia. We have a very nice, large facility that accommodates rec programs, quad core classes, tumbling classes, birthday parties, after school care, and camps.

I've been coaching gymnastics now for 12 years, and my philosophy is, the easiest way to do is the correct way. And that's how I teach it. I teach it very detailed, nice and slow, because it is a very detailed sport. I do believe in the fact that there is a beginning, a middle and an ending to every skill, and you have to break down the skill or the routine in that manner, in order for the student to get to where she wants to go and perform a perfect, 10.0 skill or routine.

I have numerous students throughout the past couple of years and a decade, actually, that have successfully gone on and won competitions. You can always find out more about us at

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