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How to Get on the USA Olympic Gymnastics Team

Learn how to get on the USA Olympic Gymnastics team in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


The U.S. Olympic Committee has a very structured, a very strict progression and process in order to get onto the Olympic Team. A student or an athlete gymnast needs to not only be at the top of her game but at the top in the country. Only three to four gymnasts may go on to the Olympics right now out of millions that start off in gymnastics.

The process is very vigorous. It starts off with smaller competitions, leads to training camp, more competitions and at each and every one of those levels you need to be on target, they need to be a hundred percent and the best. There's zero room for failure, faults, there's no room for injuries, the kids train their entire life and at any minute anything can go wrong and their dreams are lost. But in order to get onto the United States Olympic Gymnastics Team takes years of training, dedication, being the best, being one hundred percent perfect at all times and little, little room for any faults or failures.

But in the end the goal would be to be the number one in the world and that's where the United States stands.

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