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How to Do a Backbend in Gymnastics

Learn how to do a backbend in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


Right now we're going to learn how to do a back bend. A back bend is a supplementary skill, or a stepping stone that ultimately leads to another skill. Mainly, the back handspring, bridge kickover, back walkover. And the back bend does take quite a bit of flexibility, so you always want to make sure you stretch your back in a bridge or a seal stretch where you arch as hard as you can just to warm up those muscles and bones before you do the back bend.

It does take a little bit of strength. You are coming down on your hands pretty hard to where you might hit your head on the floor. So technique is very important in doing this so you don't injure your neck. The back bend is a dangerous skill. You want to make sure you do it properly. Okay?

What I always tell students is to act like you're getting ready to do the limbo and the limbo stick is right at your lower stomach, pressing your hips forward, maintaining balance, while also reaching back slowly and keeping those arms tight so that you do not bend and hit your head on the ground and hurt your neck. Again, I cannot explain enough how you keep your hips pressed forward as you slowly go back, preparing yourself for impact on the floor.

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