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What Is Artistic Gymnastics?

Learn what artistic gymnastics is in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


  • Step 1: Men's vs. women's artistic gymnastics Men's artistic gymnastics included the following apparatuses: pommel horse, rings, high bar, vault, floor, and parallel bars. Women have four: uneven bars, floor, vault, and balance beam.
  • Step 2: Where the art comes in Dance movements should be included and shouldn't be all technical skills and tumbles.


Artistic gymnastics is your basic gymnastics. It is what you see on the TV.
It is what you believe, as what you think gymnastics would be. Your four
apparatuses: the vault, the beam, the floor and the bars. It is what you
believe gymnastics should be. It is a mixture of acrobatics and dance;
ballet or jazz or whatnot. Women's gymnastics, like I said, has four
routine apparatuses. Men's gymnastics has six.

There are the ring, there's the pummel horse. Men have the high bar. They
have the vault. They have the floor. They have the parallel bars. Also
known as artistic gymnastics. The artistic part of it comes into play when
the students are not just out there to tumble or do the routine; they're
allowed to add a little art to it. Dancing. Making it their own kind of
movement. It has, over the years, turned more into a competitive sport and
the artistic part is leaving.

We are trying to put that back into play as in that was the past of
gymnastics. The artistic atmosphere is coming back and we are working on
that very hard to put the art, the dance, the body movement back into the
sport to make it more entertaining, more exciting and just all around the
sport that was once formed back in the 1940's.

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