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What Is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Learn what rhythmic gymnastics is in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


  • Step 1: The difference between rhythmic and traditional gymnastics Understand that rhythmic gymnastics is more dance based than traditional gymnastics.
  • Step 2: Rhythmic objects Objects used include balls, batons, and hula-hoops.
  • Step 3: The difference between rhythmic and traditional gymnasts Know that rhythmic gymnasts are required to be more flexible than a transitional gymnast.


Rhythmic gymnastics is more based on dance form. It's more of a performance. You use a hula hoop, you use a ball or use a baton with a ribbon attached to it. And it is more dance-y. The girls do not focus on so much acrobatics. It's more of a Broadway show with a piece of equipment. They throw the ball in the air. They'll do some kind of skill and catch it. They'll throw the hula hoop in the air and do some leaps or maybe a little acrobatics and then catch it. They're more or less dancing with that piece of equipment. The students do happen to need a great deal of flexibility, over amount of flexibility that a normal gymnast would need. This would partake in doing those unique rhythmic skills over, leaping and splitting above 180 degrees, arching back. Almost being a contortionist out there on the floor performing at a circus, as you could say, other than being more of a competitive gymnastics as an artistic gymnastics is.

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