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What Is Tumbling in Gymnastics?

Learn what tumbling in gymnastics is in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


Tumbling in gymnastics is probably the most exciting event to watch. Even though it is not tumbling by itself, it is put into a routine, which is also put to music on the floor. The great deal of the routine is tumbling. Mainly there are about four to six tumble passes. Whether they take up the whole floor or just little parts of the floor.

Tumbling would be your basic cartwheel, your roundoff back handspring, flipping, twisting, multiple flipping, multiple twisting. But the tumbling aspect of gymnastics is very important and which ultimately leads to other events.

Once you have successfully performed well in the tumbling aspect, other events seem to be a little bit easier since main gymnastics all wrap around the tumbling aspect. Vaulting and bars and beam will actually be performed better once you understand the tumbling aspect of the gymnastics a little bit better.

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