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How to Pick Gymnastics Floor Music

Learn how to choose gymnastics floor music in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


When picking out gymnastics floor music, the student wants to think
about how they feel out on the floor. I always tell them, "Imagine
yourself and you're in a Broadway show. What scene would you like to
depict when you're doing your routine?"

Tell them about their own act. So they want to pick music that fits
their personalty more or less. If the kid has a lot of energy and is
way out there and likes to perform, they want a fastpaced, upbeat music.
If a kid is a little shy and a little slower and doesn't move as quick
with their muscle tone, then you want to pick a little slower music
that will more or less fit your movements, so that the music is not too
fast and you're not always trying to catch up to it. You want to pick
music that is appealing to the audience. It only can be, though, a
minute and a half long with no words. There's no words at all. You can
have drums. You can have any kind of music that you so desire as long
as it fits the format of the gymnastics floor routine.

Also, you want to make sure that you don't pick something too big for
yourself. Level ten, the elite gymnastics, can take these huge
masterpieces of music and turn them into a routine. But a level seven,
a level eight, who are just starting off with picking their own music
and making their own routines, should pick something a little slower and
a little easier for the choreographer to put the dance skills and the
acrobatic skills into it so that it doesn't all turn into a big mess of

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