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How to Safeguard against Gymnastics Falls & Accidents

Learn how to safeguard against gymnastics falls and accidents in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


Safety is a key priority when building a successful gym or being a successful gymnast.

There are a lot of pieces of equipment in the gym that have metal or wires or are just a little unstable and it's very important that those things get covered with some kind of foam. Making sure that everything is tightened down. Making sure that when the coach is setting up equipment that everything is in place as tight as possible. There's nothing in the way. There's nothing that can tip over or fall. It's very important that owners and coaches and athletes pay attention to the surroundings so that it will lessen the likeliness of an injury.

Also, along with equipment being a hazard, falling. Falling is a big part of gymnastics and you teach kids how to properly fall. When you fall forward, you don't want to put your hands in front of you and snap your elbow, all that stuff. Teach them how to roll out. Falling backwards, same thing. Very important not to put your hands back behind you causing dislocations, breaks, all sorts of stuff. So we teach them how to cross their arms, tuck their chin, and take a hit. I mean they're going to hit the floor but that's all part of being safe in gymnastics. And ultimately, that is the main goal when doing this sport is how safe can you make it so the kid can succeed and go as far in gymnastics as they can.

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