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How to Warm Up with Gymnastics Games

Learn how to warm up using gymnastics games in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In kids gymnastics also known as the rec program at the gym, it's very
important that you do a warm up; you want to make it fun so sometimes we
come up with a game to play. Some different games would be something that
I came up with called Hot Lava and it's kind of like musical chairs, you
just spread out a bunch of mats and they can run around on that, when I say
Hot Lava they jump onto the mat.

Different games involving lots of
movement, jumping, making it as fun as possible, lots of colors and
equipment and maybe some character games, just coming up with something
that the kids will be entertained with while warming up their muscle, also,
the stretch, stretching in gymnastics is very important. My big thing I
like to make cartoon sounds and noises and hand gestures and just make it
more exciting to where the kid really enjoys what they're doing and they
don't even know they're working out.

That's the main goal, to make these
kids have fun along with getting a good workout and ultimately performing
well in gymnastics

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