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Guide to Gymnastic Apparatus

Learn about gymnastic apparatus in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In gymnastics, whether it's men’s' or women’s', you have certain events known as apparatus. An apparatus in women's gymnastics there is the floor, the 40 by 40 spring floor on which they do their tumbling and dance routines on. They have the uneven bars which you see the high-flying tricks on and off and in between the bars. They have the vaults which is the 80 foot run way. They run down the vault runway and hit a spring board and tumble over top of a brown object known as the vault. They land.

Then the girls have the balance beam which is four inches wide. It's four feet off of the ground and they do basic tumbling on there which makes it very tough because it is only 4 inches wide.

Men’s' apparatuses include the rings, the still rings. A men's high bar which differs from ladies bars because there's only one bar that they swing on. They have the pommel horse which is the brown object, long, and has two handles on it, and they do their skills around that. Men have parallel bars which run side by side, parallel and they hold on the front support and swing back and forth.

The men also do the floor routine and the vault. Each event is separate. It takes a couple years to conquer and hours and hours of training on each event to conquer that event.

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