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How to Get to Level 10 Gymastics

Learn how to get to level 10 gymnastics in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In United States gymnastics there are levels of gymnastics starting off with level one, moving progressively up to level two and all the way up to level ten. But in order to get to level ten, there are years and years and years of hard work and nonstop determination on getting there. It's going to take roughly 12 years or so to get to the level 10, potentially leading onto collegiate or elite gymnastics. But the work ethic which you must obtain to get to this level is beyond anything, any other sport that you would have to work at. You will need to be here on time. Need to be here every day. You need to give up extracurricular activities in your school. There's not a lot of social life outside of the gym. In order to get to level ten you basically live and breathe in the gym, doing whatever is necessary that your coach asks you to do. And ultimately performing at 100 percent all the time until you've reached your goal.

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