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How to Make It to the Elite Gymnastics Level

Learn how to make it to the elite gymnastics level in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In USA Gymnastics there are levels. Levels 1 through 10. After the tenth level you will be considered if you were to qualify for an elite gymnast. Exactly as it sounds.

You are an elite; you are the best of the best gymnast. In order to get there you have to successfully pass all these other levels before. When you are in level 10, in order to move on to elite you have to pass a test. There is a national elite test that a girl must take and pass in order to be qualified as an elite. Being an elite means you have a choice of all the different skills. All the different apparatuses. All the different competitions you want to go to.

These are the big competitions. This is what you see on TV. It does take many, many years. Many trial and errors and falls and failures and injuries and it just takes a very long time of dedication. Parents have to be on board with the costs and the time that it takes.

But elite gymnastics is a very highly rewarding level to get at in gymnastics. It leads to collegiate scholarships and maybe even the Olympics one day.

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