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How to Do a Twisting Layout Yurchenko like Shawn Johnson

Learn how to do a twisting layout Yurchenko like Shawn Johnson in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In women's and in men's gymnastics, the most exciting vault that you can perform is something called a Yurchenko. It is a very technical, a very scary skill to do, but is actually very exciting to watch and perform. The Yurchenko would be a round-off entry. You would run down the vault runway. You would round off onto the boards so you end up facing backwards on the vault. From the springboard you'd end up doing a back handspring up onto the vault at great speeds. And initially flipping, maybe adding some twists or a double flip off of the vault and landing on your feet. The Yurchenko is a universal worldwide elite skill that takes many years to perform, starting at level eight and going all the way up to elite in performing more difficult skills, more difficult Yurchenkos as you get better in the gymnastics.

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