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Main Elements of a Gymnastics Floor Routine

Learn the main elements of gymnastics floor routines in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In a gymnastics floor routine, you have from 10 to 20 basic elements that must be done properly in order to fulfill the requirements of the routine. Some of these skills are dance skills, from turning, pirouettes, and leaps. And then there's the tumbling skills. Then there's some acrobat skills, which are some basic rolls, maybe some aerials, front tucks.

The basic routine for mid-level gymnasts would involve a handstand forward roll, a roundoff back handspring, some type of backwards roll ending in a handstand or a straight position. You would have a somewhat of a, one flip, whether it's a front flip or back flip, also known as a Salto. You would have some dance skills in there, leaps, turns and just some dance positions that a choreographer has made up. Otherwise, all these put together would fluidly move around the entire floor, within about a minute and 30 seconds. That would be a full gymnastics floor routine.

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