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How to Make a Gymnastics Floor Routine More Artistic

Learn how to make gymnastics floor routines more artistic in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


When doing your floor routine, it is important that you remember that there is an audience. And you are getting judged on how you perform. Now it's not just the technique or the skills in the routine, but also the dance aspect. You are out there and you're trying to get the audience involved in it. Picking music that will initially get the audience involved and kind of maybe clapping their hands a little bit. But also you want to add more artistic gymnastics, more dance skills, more fluent body movements.

Kind of like you're acting in a Broadway show. You want to be acting out a character almost. So when a choreographer is making up a routine, it is his or her job to explain to the gymnasts on what almost emotions they want to be putting out during these routines. So that it is more artistic, more exciting to watch. So it's not just someone out there doing a compulsory, almost robotic, routine. Again, gymnastics on TV is exiting to watch because these students have been through rigorous training sessions of ballet and jazz. And they are taught to perform and show off, rather than be a robot.

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