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How to Stick a Landing in Gymnastics

Learn how to stick a landing in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


When performing a gymnastics routine or skill, it’s not only necessary to perform that skill correctly, but landings are very necessary in order for safety, first off, and also to finish that skill with ease. A correct gymnastics landing position would be to absorb your landing or absorb your body weight, arms in front of you, with your hips pressed underneath of you, and to completely stop moving all at one time.

You would see that students do end up taking a step forward or a step back, but the whole idea of a stuck landing, which everybody shoots for, is to pleat, or bend your knees and to completely stick to the floor, as if you are being held down by a heavy object. Two landings are, if you are tumbling forward or and that is called a blind landing. You cannot see the floor when you are flipping forward. Therefore, you have to have body awareness or air awareness. So you have to time it out. You have to do this skill numerous times to know when it is the necessary time in order to get your sticking position. Backwards tumbling is a little easier. You can see the floor as you finish your rotation. So therefore, you know when the floor is coming and you can prepare for your nice tight landing and hold on to that stick position to accumulate a better score.

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