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How to Do a Handspring in Gymnastics

Learn how to do a handspring in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In gymnastics tumbling, there are elements in a floor routine known as hand springs. One goes backwards, and one goes forwards.

The front handspring, however, is very different from the back handspring. The front handspring is more or less a forward round-off, a forward cartwheel, where you would hurtle. You would run, you would hurtle, as in lift your front leg. Prepare with your arms up. You would lunge into it and do a non-twisting round off and land on two feet in front of you.

This takes a good strength in the shoulders. Shoulders need to be pushed to your ears as you're reaching for the floor so you basically bounce off your hands instead of push off your hands.

Your back leg would be driven over top of your head, very quickly and aggressively, and while you're pushing off your front leg.

The whole landing is you want to land standing straight up, arms up, looking at the ceiling with a straight body.

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