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6 Transition Tips for DJs

Learn how to transition smoothly when DJing in this Howcast DJ video with Rock and Soul DJ School.


So there are so many different ways to transition from one record to the next: you can use cues, you can use sound effects. I'm about to actually give you an example of using a sound effect to transition from one record to the next. I have a Reggae record on my right deck, like a hip-hop-, R&B-type track on my left deck. OK, I'm going to start with the right deck, a Reggae song. So that was an example of using an echo or delay as a transition, to transition from the reggae record to the R&B hip-hop track. So many ways of doing that, so many different effects that you can use, you can, you know, flange, whatever effects you want to use. There's even customizable effects that you can actually tweak yourself, you know, and save the settings. You can also use sound effects, which I like to use as well, horns, there might be some vocal drops that I can use as a transition, like if I'm DJ'ing for an internet radio show, and I'm playing a hip-hop set, I might want to use a vocal drop of someone saying my name: "You're listening to DJ DP One, on whatever show," and then it'll just transition into the next song. Or sometimes, I might want to just stop the music completely, and play a sample of something to get the crowd, you know, revved up or whatever, and then I'll just segue or transition into the next song. So, there's so many ways to go about it, you know. The golden rule is to just keep it as smooth as possible so it's not an abrupt change.

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