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How to Improve Flexibility in Gymnastics

Learn how to improve your flexibility in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


A big part of gymnastics is your muscle tones and muscle technique. We do a lot of conditioning to get the body strong enough but also we work on a lot of flexibility. During a normal workout for a team or competitive gymnastics program, students would spend about 45 minutes conditioning the muscles and getting stronger, but also another half hour of flexibility which we would take them through different types of positions and work on over-splits, doing a hyper-extended movement of that muscle and holding it for minutes at a time.

Splits and shoulders are a huge deal in gymnastics. In order to achieve nice positions in gymnastics, students' shoulders must be very flexible, so we spend a good deal of time focusing on shoulder flexibility. There are different types of drills that you can do. It is rather painful and the students understand that this is very necessary in order to achieve their goal of higher level gymnastics.

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