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How to Do a Somersault in Gymnastics

Learn how to perform a somersault in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In basic gymnastics there are certain skills you need to achieve in order
to build your level up and achieve bigger gymnastics. One of them would
be the forward roll. The forward roll is your very beginner, pre-school to
girls beginner gymnastics. It does simulate however, later in gymnastics a
front tuck or front sault on the floor, which is also known as your front flip.

In order to do this you need to be able to have a little bit of roundness in
your back, your hands again start on the floor, your chin would go down
onto your stomach and you would kind of lean forward, making sure you don't
lift your head up. Okay?

As you roll over you're going to hug your knees, put your feet flat on the floor, stand back up.
It's very important that you don't turn your shoulder, you want to make sure
that you lean over top of your hands evenly, keeping your head down and kind of lifting your hips
over your head. It's not necessary to jump at all; this might cause you to
jump and hit your back or maybe even fall on your head. So please do not jump
when you do this. It's a very simple, nice, fluent roll onto your feet.

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