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How to Do a Back Limber in Gymnastics

Learn how to do a back limber in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


In a gymnastics floor routine, a pretty unique skill is called a back limber. It kind of resembles a back handspring, and is a good stepping stone progression skill in order to learn a back handspring.

The student will start, standing tall, arms up, and then what I try to teach them is act like they're doing the limbo. They're going to push their hips forward as they reach back slowly, trying to maintain their balance over their feet. They need to make sure their arms are straight, because they're going to be hitting the floor a little bit quickly. So, the need to get ready for that absorption on the floor. From there, once they're in the bridge, they're going to shift their shoulders, really press their shoulders over top of their fingers, push their hips up using their stomach muscles, ultimately land in a handstand, step down, and finish.

This is a very difficult skill. The easiest way to do it is the correct way. You want to make sure your hips go up. You don't want to sit down, and try to kick your feet over. You will just fall straight back down. So, in order to do this, you need good shoulder flexibility, you need to already have strength in your bridge, and you need to understand how to do a handstand already. Other than that, the back limber is a very unique and progressive skill in gymnastics.

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