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How to Do a Cast Handstand Drill in Gymnastics

Learn how to do cast handstand drills in this Howcast video with Dulles Gymnastics Academy.


Another stepping stone on bars for gymnasts is something known as a cast handstand. It is very necessary in order to achieve higher level skills. It's something that all the judges look for. It has to be done correctly. And it's rather intimidating when you get on the high bar and you have to be up in a handstand. We're going to show you some drills.

Basically the cast handstand is, you start on top of the bar. You do an aggressive forward lean with also a pike in the hips, kicking your heels back very aggressively while keeping your upper body over the bar, maintaining a straight line and then initially locking out into a handstand on the bar.

There are two techniques in doing the cast handstand. One is a straight body handstand. It does take a little more time and effort and strength. The other is known as a straddle cast handstand, which is more of a technique than a strength skill. Either one works as long as you do get that straight line handstand at the top of the bar.

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