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4 Dirty Dancing Do's & Don'ts

Learn four dirty dancing do's and don'ts from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


Matt Steffanina: What's up, my name is Matt Steffanina, and this is Dana. And today we're going to give you guys some dirty dancing do's and don'ts. What's cool, what's not cool, what to do, and what to stay away from.

The first one is for the guys. As a guy, you always want to make sure that you match the girl's rhythm and make her comfortable right off the bat. You don't want to come in with some crazy moves, but you also don't want to come in stiff and just standing up against her. So for instance, if Dana's in the club and she's grooving, and I want to dance with her. I come up behind her, and I'm going to put my hand on her hip, get down low on her level, and just match this groove.

The next one for the guys is to be confident and smile. Have a good time. She's not going to have fun dancing with you if you're not having fun dancing with her. So when you come up to her, rather than coming up like this, you want to be playful. You want to come up behind her, smile at her, and let her know that you're friendly and that you guys are going to have a good time together. You can bring her hands up. You can even spin her around, bring her back in, and dance with her some more.

Remember, it's not about putting on a show and doing your best dance moves. It's about making the girl have a good time while she's dancing with you.

The last one for the guys is to touch her, but to do it appropriately. You want to touch in a way that's flirtatious not illegal. So when you get behind a girl you can touch her shoulders. You can grab her hands. You can have your hands on her hips. Anything past that, save for later. If she likes you she'll let you do it then.

For the ladies, there are two things we need to remember. The first is you do want to dance classy. A guy, no matter what you may think, is going to go for somebody that's sexy rather than somebody that's on the floor any day. So when you're dancing you want to keep it simple. You want to use your hips. You want to use your hands. Be playful, be friendly, and be approachable. You don't want to pretend like it's a ludicrous audition and go nuts like that.

Also, for the ladies, you do want to be fun and approachable. If you look like you're just hanging out with your friends dancing, having a good time, I'm going to be much more likely to want to come over to you and start dancing with you. You don't want to be standoffish, in your own zone, and not really dancing having a good time, or why would I want to come over and dance with you?

Those are the do's and don'ts for dirty dancing in a club.

You don't want to pretend like it's a ludicrous audition and go nuts, like that, because I'm not going to dance with that.

Dana: Why?

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