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GTA3 iOS Walkthrough Part 1 - Luigi's Girls

Beat the Intro and first mission "Luigi's Girl's" of Grand Theft Auto 3 with this online demo of the third-person adventure from Rockstar Games.


Girl 1: Sorry, babe. I'm an ambitious girl and you, you're just small time

Reporter: Liberty City is in shock today as the police and emergency services deal with the aftermath of a devastating attack on a police convoy this morning. As yet, no details have been released about the prisoners being transferred in the convoy and no group has claimed responsibility. The convoy left police headquarters early this morning for a routine transfer of felons to Liberty Penitentiary. The attack took place on the Callahan Bridge, leaving few witnesses and the bridge itself severely damaged. Some of the convicts are thought to have perished in the explosion that followed the initial attack. Revelations as to the professionalism of the attack struck police hours afterward, when identification of the missing felons were further hampered by an attack by computer hackers on police headquarter databases. With the Porter Tunnel Project falling behind schedule, this disaster leaves Portland isolated from the rest of the city.

Male 1: Come on! Senor dickhead! It's no problem to kill you. You gonna be sorry. All right, all right. Get lost.

Felon 1: I know a place on the edge of the Red Light District where we can lay low, but my hands are all messed up so you better drive, brother.

Felon 1: This is the place right here. Let's get off the street and find a change of clothes!

I know this guy, he's connected, his name is Luigi. Me and him go back, so I could probably get you some work. C'mon, lets head over there.

This is Luigi's club. Let's go round the back and use the service door.

Wait here, man, while I go in and talk to Luigi.

Male 1: 8-Ball's got some business upstairs. Maybe you could do me a favor. One of my girls needs a ride, so grab a car and pick up Misty from the clinic. Then bring her back here. Remember, no one messes with my girls! So keep your hands on the wheel! If you don't mess this up, maybe there be more work for you. Now get out of here!

Misty: Hi, I'm Misty.

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